Five Reasons Why Kejriwal Will Lose In Delhi Again

Everything was put to question after the party and Kejriwal went ahead on the same flip-flop road.

There is an old saying which says that confidence is good, but over-confidence is always bad. And who would know it better that Aam Aadmi Party. Another old wisdom says that one should learn from their mistakes. And AAP did look like it was trying to mend its ways after its leader Arvind Kejriwal apologized for leaving the Delhi janata.

But everything was put to question after the party and Kejriwal went ahead on the same flip-flop road.

Kejriwal refusing to post bail in Nitin Gadkari defamation case and AAP defending him for defying judiciary is another drama which will wash down their future attempts than help them in building a stronger party before assembly elections in the national capital. Afterall, Kejriwal is infamous as the person who seeks media attention and does publicity stunts rather than working with the system. He is dubbed as an anti-establishment man.

Apart from this factor, here are five reasons which will hamper another AAP surge in Delhi:

  1. Dharna and Drama: As seen by now, it is hard for AAP to distinguish itself from the politics of dharna and drama. Kejriwal was jailed because he refused to acknowledge judicial procedure. He sought preferential treatment. But his party was speaking about principles and values. What values ask you to defy law? Later, AAP workers were protesting outside Tihar Jail and they then clashed with the police there. The diminished public faith in AAP is all because of this drama where they are seen as working against the system rather than working for it.
  2. Overconfidence: The party was just defeated in Lok Sabha elections bitterly for their overconfidence and ignorance. But the party is yet to accept that there was a ‘Modi-wave’ which swept them away in Delhi. According to them, this ‘manufactured Modi-wave’ will not be able to change Delhi outcome. Since BJP is at centre now and BJP is in MCDs too, it will not be difficult for them to win assembly seats in Delhi.
  3. Lies and Rumours: Kejriwal and his party is never fed up of spreading lies and rumours. Just like they declared to people that Gujarat was not developed at all within four days, they spread rumours about AAP’s win on various Lok Sabha seats by heavy margins. When Kejriwal was apologizing for his ‘mistake’ of leaving Delhi janata, even then he lied about the governance during his 49 day tenure. The people are now able to see through the lies and Kejriwal and his men will have to stop this habit of theirs.
  4. Failed Anti-Corruption Stance: The AAP government had come riding on the anti-corruption wave. It had promised people a corruption-free government. Not only that, it had promised the janata that it put corrupts to justice too. But the changed tone of AAP campaign only talked about defeating Narendra Modi in elections. It did not utter a single word about the most corrupt family of the country. Also, it failed to put former CM of Delhi Shiela Dikshit in the dock. People may have let AAP form government by Congress help for the first time, but going to the same ‘evil’ party again, rather than taking help from clear mandate winner BJP, places them at a tight spot.
  5. Kiran Bedi: Rumours are that BJP will project former bureaucrat and Team Anna member Kiran Bedi as the next Delhi CM. Bedi has heavily criticized Kejriwal and his AAP party for the theatrics and is known as a clean figure in the anti-corruption camp. She also has knowledge of running the administration where she had won many accolades. Fighting her will be a tough call for Kejriwal for she is no Sheila.

The Nitin Gadkari defamation case is one such instance where Kejriwal was unable to produceany substantial evidence against his allegations and where he chose drama over judicial procedure. There are many more web of cases created by kejriwal himself where he will be summoned in the future s well. Defamation case by Kapil Sibal’s son is another such case.

By the way, if Kejriwal is convicted & sentenced to more than two years in criminal defamation case, law bars him from being MP or MLA…

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