Why Israel Is The ‘Gay Capital’ Of Middle East?

Gay Capital

Gay Capital – When the name Israel crosses our minds, we recall the operations of Mossad that we read about which curdled our blood.

Israel is the place of Jewish people whose bravery and endurance wins hands down.

Also, Israel has the most powerful army in its stride which helps it browbeat over many countries. However, Israel, especially Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel has earned another title, quite like another feather in its hat, that is the title of ‘gay capital’. People, who have lately stayed in Israel has revealed that Israelis are way too liberated with the religion and don’t push it under anybody’s throat by force.

Hence, one can live fairly free-spiritedly in Israel and exercise his rights freely too.

Israel thrives around the religion called Judaism in which is more of a cultural identity than a religious one. Isarel, that is surrounded by many Muslim countries where there is a stigma attached to the Gay community wages a mental war against their religious taboos against the same sex love and welcomes every gay or jew as their own. Of course, this is pretty challenging to go against the tide or infuriate the neighboring countries but Israel does it with a swollen chest anyway. Isarel, so to speak, rules out the theocracy of Libya, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Israelis have a different approach towards life and homosexuality. The believe in ‘to each his own’ and don’t bear the flag of ‘faux morality’.

However, some people will argue that apart from Tel Aviv, in other Israeli cities, there are very less number of homo-sexual people walking down the street to be seen, but that is hypothetical. In Israel, the believe that marrying someone from the opposite sex and pumping up children is just god’s will and involuntary but Isarel is a country that is inching towards more openness in sexual diversity. Whilst in other nations, many people who run a fairly liberal family, freak out at the thought of their children not being interested in the opposite sex but the same sex instead, Isarel is surely holding a revolutionary stand.

Israel, the gay capital, is one of those countries which brought homosexuality in the mainstream and boost the morale of LGBT communities. They can breathe free and they are not subjected to religious violence in Israel. As a result, teens come out of the closet and bare their hearts about their sexual preferences without fear in Israel. In likely manner, Gay Pride parades are frequent sights in Israel too. We are here talking about both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem where homosexuality is not a crime.

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