Breaking Rules Sometimes Are to Build Newage

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New thoughts mostly push a person’s mind for breaking rules that are an obstacle to build a modern innovative social structure. But it is also true, that those who have broken rules are generally aware of the results, it is for the well-being of its people. Sometimes it becomes important to proceed with new implementations for flexibility among the people for betterment and convenience.

Turning the pages back to history, the popular people who have never given up to start something new removing the old that was not helping humankind and society at all.

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Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela his personality himself is an example of a great leader who broke rules for the benefit of his people and society.  Poverty and unemployment are the two main reasons that his people were struggling. Working as slaves generation after generation already specifies about the situation of Africa. He was detained for almost more than two and a half decades for his protests as an activist from the Africa National Congress from 1942. He protested for equality which the blacks are lacking for centuries, freedom, and democracy.

Finally, South Africa was able to achieve after a long struggle by Mandela and breaking the rules that were unethical leading the country to suffer from poverty and discrimination.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

The leader who broke rules for the independence of India, it was during the struggle for freedom when he went against the British and non-violence. He formed his own cabinet for the differences in thoughts and attempts. “Give me blood and I shall give you freedom”, the slogan brought a great revolution to acquire independence to India.

He was an inspiration to one of the strongest freedom fighters who believed in tracing his own path to bring the changes in India’s struggle.

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Roxana Saberi

The American Journalist, Roxana Saberi was in Iran for her research on a book. She had spent six years to complete her research on the society of Iran. False allegations to work as a spy had put her in the prison for 10 to 20 years. She denied to confess and went on a hunger strike when on trials for eight years in imprisonment.

She revolted against the injustice that she had to face during her researches for the book. She was alive on sugar water as protest proceeded that forced the court to reduce her punishment to two years. Roxana Saberi disagreed to obey the rules, rather breaking the rules helped her to gain back her freedom.

Seeking success isn’t easy unless anyone has the courage to break rules. As one starts to think about convenience and comfort, as well as justice it is important to open yourself. The progressive mind always tries to look for define and different paths that will bring up a better tomorrow. Therefore the rules are created for growth and discipline but once it starts blocking the innovations it should be removed. For new-age, one has to think for some other way so that the progress and innovations never resists.

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