How Many Knew That the Earth’s Largest and Highest Waterfalls Is In Ocean?

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Oceans have been the water place for aquatic animals and plants. On contrary, it is also the place for the largest and tallest waterfalls. Angel waterfalls are the tallest that is present in Venezuela, which flows as the Orinoco river directly to the Atlantic Ocean.

It is one of the waterfalls with numerous natural beauty which is now recognized as the UNESCO heritage. The Angel waterfall takes the form of a river before dropping into the ocean. Other than these waterfalls, Victoria Falls is known as the largest but comparing in height the former is considered to be the tallest. Largest is considered as the river Orinoco is the fourth largest river of the world.

Until  1933, the place remained unfolded when an American Pilot discovered these waterfalls located in the Canaima National Park. It is in the southeastern Venezuela of the Bolivar state. The waterfalls were a discovery of an aviator who was flying through the area and found the Angel waterfalls. By 1939 the place was recognized by the government.

James Angel, the aviator had supported the government to trace and measure the height. The waterbody is named after him, Angel waterfalls.

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Angel is now known as the Kerepakupai-Meru

Later it was declared by the Venezuela Government in 2009 that the name should be Kerepakupai-Meru. It is the name given by the natives which means the falls from the deepest area. But still, people like to introduce the place in the name of the discoverer. It is unimaginable that any drop from the top to the ground can be at a difference of 2648 feet. This distinctive feature has made this place one of the popular attractions.

Based on this feature it has grabbed the record of the tallest as well as largest waterfalls in the world. Deepest and widest that is present within the area of the Atlantic ocean.

The aerial view is astonishingly attractive while it is much difficult to climb it to realize the scenic beauty being closer to the tallest flows. Flowing of the water is consistent around the year, it does not stop anyhow with a blowing sound of storms.

Tallest waterfalls for adventure and nature lover

Biologists, Adventure enthusiasts with a love for nature explore this place but it is also one of the dangerous places to climb. Reaching to the top through climbing the Steep rocks to the highest waterfall is strenuous, dangerous but exciting at the same time. The Angel waterfalls have been flowing for hundreds of years but were discovered in 1933. Forming the rivers with the creation of islands covered with greeneries enhances a peaceful history.

The flow is of the tallest waterfalls steep and stronger as the storm starts its journey from the Atlantic Ocean. The main part of the trade winds that are from the northeast produces the dry air volumes. It evolves from the heated part of the Sahara Desert. Finally, the winds cause evaporation within The Atlantic Ocean pushing it to the southern part of America. The evaporated part reaches the southeastern part of Venezuela to the tallest waterfalls, Angel falls.

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