Redditors Shared The Worst Text They Sent To A Wrong Person And It’ll Make You Remember Yours!

Text Sent To A Wrong Person

Text Sent To A Wrong Person – Text is sending …*Text sent*…After few minutes “You realize that you sent it to a wrong person” *Facepalm* Damn! I hate this too.

Have you ever sent a text to a wrong person and then regretted it? I know that these scenarios are nothing less than nightmares.

Well, let me tell you, that there’s not just “you and me” who did this mistake, but there are others too. Yep, and it has embarrassed them equally.

Keep reading this “ List of text sent to a wrong person ” and remember yours (once again) –

  • Oops! This is so baddddd…

“After drunkenly making out with a co worker, I sent a hung-over text to apologize and make sure we were both clear it was a mistake none of our coworkers have to know about. I sent it to another coworker with the same name, the office gossip…”

  • This one is hilarious

My brother and I were flying back from my other brother’s place. He’s sitting next to me on the plane and I get a text from him

“I can’t wait to be inside you”

  • Well played!

“Texted my 50 – 60 year old boss (Director of Human Resources) instead of my fiancée (then girlfriend) this…”MFW I eat the pussy so good you punch me in the back of the head.”

I immediately apologized, tried to play it off as my friends grabbed my phone, etc. etc.

She never responded. She never brought it up. Until I came to work following the day of my engagement, and my boss looks at me, places her fist on her head, and says, “Well, we all know why she said yes.”

I turned so very, very, very red. Well played.”

  • He must’ve had a hard-time convincing his GF.

I sent “I love you” to my girlfriend. Then told her “wrong person”, as I meant to send it to my mother.

  • The boss is great

Not as embarrassing as the others here, but I meant to text my wife that “we will go clothes shopping after I get off work” but I sent it to my boss. He just text back “OK, but I gotta usher at mass first”

  • Damn! I wonder what his dad’s reaction must be.

“Dad was being a pain in the ass again, careful when you get home.”- Sent to my Dad.

  • This one cracked me up so hard –

Earlier I meant to text my boyfriend “I see you!!” I accidentally sent it to my sorority sister and immediately told her that I sent it to the wrong person and she replied back “okay, I was a little creeped out because I just stepped out of the shower.

  • Damn! This is the worst scene ever.

Profile Pics of the girl I had a crush on to the girl I had a crush on. I was trying to show my friend who she was.

Text Sent To A Wrong Person – Here are some more Reddit answers – All I know is, we all have our own bad days, and especially days like this are nightmares.


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