Reasons Why It Is Good To Be Friends First Before Getting Committed

Friends before commitment

According to all; commitment is a big thing and surely it is.

But truly; being friends before getting into a relationship is much more important. Don’t you agree?

I’m saying this because I feel many people get attracted towards someone & right when they start talking they bump into getting committed. And the main highlight is “they think it is better to know ‘em after getting committed”.

But, when they face reality all of a sudden the whole world kinda changes around ‘em.

Well; and to avoid that heartache or in frankly way- to avoid wasting that commitment time; it’s better to be Friends before commitment with your so-called lover.

And Friends before commitment is important because:                     

  1. Trust & Understanding can be built

It is good to be friends because you can take time to understand the opposite person a lot better & clear. And; thus this sharing & caring process leads to know how well you can trust that person further.

It is quite obvious; it is hard to trust a person you’re dating if you don’t know him/her & that’ll always be a problem to deal.

  1. You get to know what Kind of person they are

Spending time as friends helps you study what kind of person they are (Emotional, strong etc).

And knowing this will help you understand whether you can share a relationship with that someone freely.

  1. You will know their past & can be honest

Everybody has a past. Agree? It will be good to share about each-others past life & then realize if dating is really going to be worth it. Suppose if quick dating later results into your partner cheating on you then it will be quite hard to deal with the situation.

So it is better to share pasts & be truthfully honest about it as well.

  1. You can share a comfort level

Being friends is great because friends always share the comfort level with each other by accepting everything. Well; in a direct relationship the comfort things might act like an issue at first.

  1. You become best-friend

Spending time will certainly help you get an idea about- is it just good to be best-friends without getting into a relationship. And it’s quite OK because it is not necessary that the person you spend time with must end up being your lover only.

  1. Friendship can last for lifetime & if possible so does the relationship

You can decide later if it’s time to move on or not.  And if you decide to start dating then it will be a lovely thing because “you will not just be a couple but also best-friends”.

What do you have to say about the idea of Friends before commitment?

Let us Know in comment below.

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