What Bollywood needs to learn from Kangana

In a recent interview, Kangana Ranaut emerged as the single most honest celebrity that Bollywood may have ever seen…


In a recent interview with Anupama Chopra on her popular chat show, The Front Row, Kangana Ranaut emerged as the single most honest celebrity that Bollywood may have ever seen. Apart from her impeccable style sense, here are a few good lessons she has left for our stars to learn from…  


  1. Look at the positive side of criticism and work on yourself. You just can’t be expecting to hear all the good things always.
  2. You are not the only person working hard on this planet and there are many people who are doing far tedious and greater work than you, and they necessarily need not belong to cinema.
  3. Be honest to yourself and to the world, and don’t back track on your previous public statements.
  4. Be original. People can make out when you are faking something or trying to be someone else.
  5. Don’t let the god-like status bestowed by your fans get on your head and start behaving like one.
  6. Learn to accept your mistakes, even on a public platform because otherwise it will not make any difference. If you have faultered while choosing a partner or a film or a role, accept it.
  7. You need to earn your bread and butter and that’s why you are forced into doing or making a particular film which is not your style or genre. That’s a reality which your fans need to know, who may have got disappointed with you at some point in your career.
  8. Don’t let success make you forget your humble beginnings and modest background.
  9. Be strong headed and sure of what you say and do. If you are publically being questioned on your actions, have enough guts to accept and explain why you did so.
  10. You can make a point without being arrogant and learn from all the humbling experiences in life that you may not be irreplaceable.


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