10 Fun Facts Of The Most Adorable Animal Panda Will Exclaim You For Sure

Facts Of Panda

The bamboo-eating chubby furry animals have many fans across the globe.And why they will not have for they are indeed one of the cutest and adorable animals on the face of the earth.

Unfortunately, they are rare animal species and we can cherish them by only checking out their pics online and in books.

But if you big panda fan then there’s good news for you as you can find Red pandas

Let us have a look at some fun facts about Pandas as who wouldn’t love to know about them:

1. Panda’s do not have a specific place for sleeping, they simply fall asleep where they feel like.


2. Many Pandas from the world are on loan from China.


3. Pandas can poop up to 40 times a day!


4. Pandas grow from teddy bear to huge bear within few years.


5. Panda researchers actually wear Panda costumes to work and understand cubs.


6. This is rather a sad fact that female pandas are able to mate only two or three days per year and some males don’t know how to mate and that’s why they are now endangered species. 


7. Pandas sit alone when sad!!! Aww!!! What saddens us is the fact that there are only about 1,000 giant pandas left in the wild.


8. When a baby panda is born, it’s shipped by Fedex to China as they help to expand their gene pool. This is the fascinating and great thing! 


9. The mother panda is 900 times bigger than the baby panda at birth. The mother holds the tiny cub in her paw and presses it against her chest to keep it warm and safe.


10. Did you know that panda’s fur is worth? It is mostly between US$60,000 and US$100,000 in the illegal trade market. Woah! That’s a lot of money.


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