An Insight Into What Great Personalities Have Survived To Emerge Victorious!

Abraham Lincoln

The society has always criticized and looked down with contempt upon people who have not fulfilled the social norms in some way or the other.

These people have been judged for not being smart enough, not having good talents yet having big dreams and the like but they have proved their mettle in innumerable ways.

This video gives an insight into what the people around Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan and Walt Disney, etc. had said about them and how they proved those people wrong.

While Edison was termed as too stupid to understand the class lectures, he was the one responsible for throwing light on the principles of electricity. Similarly, with some other great personalities, society has always misjudged and set certain criteria for some people which has over time proved that where there is a will, there is a way.

Nothing said or made to believe by the society and the people around you can be true if you have the true will to fulfill your dreams. The video talks about people who have not only achieved a lot by their own will and desire and done something of their own and for their own selves, but have also carved a niche for those who wish to start something of their own, instead of being commanded by others!

The video gives the example of Abraham Lincoln who failed in business twice, but is still known to have made his mark in world history. If you wish to start your own start-up, nothing better than getting motivated by such great minds!

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