Patna explosions: Terror attack or political motive?

The fact that no terror outfit has yet claimed the responsibility for the low intensity blasts indicates towards political hand.

Seven serial blasts rocked the humble capital of Bihar today. The bombs exploded hours before Bhartiya Janata Party candidate Narendra Modi’s Hunkar rally started in the heart of Patna at Gandhi Maidan.

The first bomb exploded at a newly construction toilet of Patna railway station at 10 am, just three hours ago Modi’s rally. After a crude bomb was recovered from the same place, two bombs went off outside Gandhi Maidan at 11.30 am.

In the morning, the Patna police maintained that the explosions were tyre blast. But NIA team was rushed to the city and later it was confirmed that they were seven low intensity blasts.

Five people were killed and 73 were injured in these. Till the latest news, eighth explosion had hit the city at 5.10pm.

Four live crude bombs were reportedly recovered from the area too. The bombs were reported to have timers on them.

Although it is not clear who planted bombs as no terror outfit has taken the responsibility for the blasts. Bihar DIG Abhayanand confirmed detention of four people in the connection of blasts of which one is injured. He claimed that one person has confessed the crime who also holds key to the blasts.

Interestingly, Modi did not postpone his rally even though terror reigned in the city. After the area was sanitized, Modi addressed his rally at 5.30 pm.
The Hunkar rally was much hyped and a large turnout was expected in the rally. The turnout may be a possible reason for the terror outfits to plant bombs.

Meanwhile, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar briefed the media and confirmed the reports. He said that there was no intelligence input either from center or state agency.

The lapse in the security, that too before Modi’s rally, has seriously challenged Nitish government. However, the chief minister asserted that there was no security lapse. He maintained that Bihar does not have any tradition of terror and denied any political hand in the explosions.

The fact that no terror outfit has taken responsibility for the blasts despite the presence of Indian Mujahedeen’s unit in Darbhanga which, although, has been weakened by Yasin Bhatkal’s arrest, indicates towards political motive behind the serial blasts.

Also, the blasts were of low intensity and lacked the style of any big terror outfit.

The rift in the BJP-JD(U) can also be the reason which may have prompted their anti-forces to plant the bomb. This reason also gains ground as the possible outcome of the blasts would have been a huge havoc among the audience which would not only have tarred Modi’s rally, it would have also put blots on Nitish government’s arrangements.

The rise of Modi has been a cause of envy in the political circuits. His alleged anti-Muslimd figure may have been targeted by the blasts. Also, Nitish’s success in administration and overall development may bea cause for targetting his government by indicating towards the lapses.

The later purpose although was met through the blasts as it undoubtedly became a blot on the Nitish government, but Bihar police handled the situation quite effectively saving Nitish from big damage.

Modi and BJP also need to be lauded for their effort to maintain peace during the rally. The BJP leaders calmed the public present in the rally when the blasts occurred. Modi too did not blame Nitish for the blasts although he dug into deep Nitish bashing on other issues. However, he wished people to be safe after he ended his speech.

Now it is on the NIA and Bihar police to find the reasons behind the blasts. After Bodhgaya, this is the second time serial blasts have occurred in the state. Whether they were conducted by similar terror outfits or they were politically motivated, will only be clear after two days as DIG Abhayanand claims.

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