Steve Jobs: A Successful Businessman But A Failed Father

Apple founder Steve Jobs

Apple founder Steve Jobs – Apple has recently become the world’s first thousand billion (one trillion) dollar public company and the biggest credit of this massive success goes to Steve Jobs, even though he is no longer in this world, but by the death, He had already made Apple the most famous company in the tech world.

Apple founder Steve Jobs is not only knows as the co-founder of Apple, but he is also considered to be the biggest name in the world of technology, but do you know that the most successful businessman of this world was a very bad father.

Yes, you heard right Apple founder Steve Jobs was a very bad father and it is not us saying this but his own daughter has made this statement.

Apple founder Steve Jobs

The more successful Steve Jobs was in professional life, the same as failed in Personal Life. Though he was not much open about his personal life in public and people hardly knew anything about his family and relatives. But recently his daughter, Lisa Brennan, has made shocking disclosures about Steve’s fatherhood in her book. After knowing this, maybe you do not respect Steve Jobs as much as you have been doing so far.

Lisa Brennan Jobs has written a book called ‘Small Fry’ describing her relationship with her father.

According to Lisa, initially, her father did not accept her as his daughter. Steve Jobs once said to Lisa that she smells like urine. Lisa Brennan has stated in her book how his father had not accepted her as his daughter for many years.

Apple founder Steve Jobs

Apple founder Steve Jobs actually accepted her at the last stage of his life and still, he was not able to fully connect with her. There was always a gap between the father-daughter.

Lisa told that she was born in a farmhouse.

His mother Christ Benn Steven and father Jobs were then 23 years old. However, initially, her mother didn’t tell Lisa that Jobs is her father. According to Lisa, Steve Jobs never supported her mother and consequently, her mother had to work as a maid in others house in order to earn their daily bread. Surprisingly, the person who gave us a company like Apple was so rude to his partner.

According to Lisa’s book, in 1980, the California court asked my father to give us alimony, then he lied in an affidavit that he was not my father. He had even said that he could never be a father. However, the DNA test proved that Steve is Lisa Brennan’s father. After that, the court also asked him to bear the expenses of social insurance, in addition to the allowance of 500 dollars per month.

Apple founder Steve Jobs

Recalling her childhood days, Lisa explains, ‘In school, I proudly told everyone that my father is Steve Jobs. My friends asked who he is? Then I said, ‘He is very famous, he has created a personal computer. My father lives in a luxurious house. Run a big car. Whenever there are any scratches on his car, he buys a new car.

Not only that, Lisa also told how to rude her father was with her. Referring to one dark memory, she says, one day I asked my father that Porsche is useless for him so can I take it? But he said, “Not at all. You will not get anything, nothing! not even a single thing. His voice was full of bitterness.”

After Lisa’s disclosures, we feel very bad for her. But at the same time, Apple founder Steve Jobs was a really dedicated man. Well! we leave it on the time, gradually we all will know the whole truth and will be able to make a better decision about Steve, Lisa and their relationship.

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