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One of the regular practices that boosts over wellness and motivation, it is the energy of a human mind through “Reiki”. It develops a mind of positivity that brings happiness and satisfaction. Reiki is a form of healing energy especially when the mind feels the negativities or enhances wrong use of energy.

A method is a Japanese form that is popular worldwide. Practitioners use specific methods to that ensure bring changes in mental health.  It helps to reduce anxiety and different phases of depressions.

One of the popular practitioners in India is the Narayan Reiki Satsang Parivar. The organization works for the benefit of the people. It is led by Mrs. Rajeshwari Modi who works to improve the flow of negative energy and channelize into positivity.

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Narayan Reiki Satsang Parivar over wellness and motivation towards society

Due to her dedication and development of the influence of  Reiki, she is also known as “Raj Didi”. Not only as a practitioner but her motivational speeches boost mental health.  Inviting good thoughts to surround with positive energy.

Her impeccable capability of counseling and acupressure therapist has given new alternates to avoid the use of medicines. As the organization mentions about their intention to bring in and spread the thoughts of positivity.

Mrs. Rajeshwari Modi’s counseling and sessions are organized worldwide. Her sessions as a leader and expert in Reiki continue to heal people abroad apart from India. The best part of the Satsang is the free arrangements of the sessions once a week. It is a nonprofitable organization that can help and support the new and old generation to ensure the spread of Satyug. The life and generation of positivity to widen in future.

The motivation is not spread through the live sessions but her speeches are ruling in social media. It proves that at a point people feel the positive energy.  The intention of spreading the word is to enable people to possess a happy life, peaceful and healthy life.

As some of the popular motivational speeches are:

“The more the responsibility you show towards your work,

The more responsible you are towards your work

More abundance flows into your life”.

As the words explain that the life and work are interrelated. To have a successful career and wealth it is important to understand the requirement of responsibility. If a person tends to show interest in work the more a person will be committed towards their work.

Developing and realizing the importance of responsibility comes with knowledge, interest, and commitment. A person who can realize can overcome the difficulties to progress in life. This will bring happiness and wealth together.

 What is the difference between duty and responsibility? Though both are the requirements of life, two of them are interrelated. With the realization of responsibility, a person can understand the importance of duty. It is revealed in one of her thoughts.

“The responsibilities we have been given, the duties we have been assigned in this lifetime is actually not a responsibility but an opportunity

When we honestly do our duty in the best manner then logic turns into magic in our lives”.


Over wellness and the influence of Reiki

With the worsening situation due to the pandemic, the mental health of the people is challenged. Restriction to socialize, work from home, maintain a distance, and stay isolated have affected mental health. Lockdowns have forced people to stay at home, for those who were at home with families their life was still stable. But those who had to live alone for a longer period of time, it was hard to move on with the bounded lifestyle. It was affected by the conception of isolated life.

Similar to Yoga and meditation, the method of Reiki has helped in motivating life removing the negativities to far extents. It is the need when people are suffering from poverty, health problems, and job loss. 

State of mind that undergoes stress and strain needs some specific treatments. People want to find alternates that can make their life easy and stress-free. Reiki works on over wellness and motivation through therapies and motivational speeches. It is acting as a strong replacement to encourage people and develop positive energy. 

Hard times had penetrated to affect the mental health of all age groups. Yoga, Reiki and Over wellness have helped people to bring back positive energy in their lives. Reiki has been popular practice and therapy for the following reasons:

  •         Develop Harmony and balance
  •         Release stress
  •         Develops the positive mental and physical health
  •         Improve Focus

Reiki practitioner Mrs Rajeshwari and her contribution

Mrs. Rajeshwari Modi has a series of contributions to the Reiki Practices worldwide which she continues to arrange and participate on regular intervals. Some of her popular inspirations that focuses to develop mental strength are:

  • Satyug Ka Safar
  • Yun Kare Bhagya Ka Nirman
  • Jiyo toh Aise Jiyo
  • Lakshya Prapti Mantra
  • Khushiyon Ka Khazana

Above are some of the regular sessions that she covers all over the world at different timings. She is the leader as Reiki practictioner who established her organization, a charitable trust on 24th July 2015. The nonprofit organization for over wellness and motivation is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her work has helped to give new views to live life. Narayan Reiki Satsang Pariivar Trust supports to medical aid, widows, education, and old age people.

 The organization is led by the Grandmaster and her disciples participate in different sessions to spread positive talks. The words and speeches are simple and intense that is easy to understand. The organization collects donations, these funds are used to support different sectors in need.

The motto of the organization is Health, Wealth, Peace, Positivity, and Harmony. She serves mankind with humanity to focus on the production of positive energy.

 Various chants, mantras, and speeches increase the motivation to enhance satisfaction and gain positive energy. The organisation focuses to develop positive minds embracing the strategies of Reiki, for over wellness and motivation. 






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