What Do You Need To Be A Bill Gates?


If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Bill Gates and the phenomena that he is.

One of the pioneers of tech-era and still ruling the world of richest men, he needs no introduction!

Obviously, he is the role model for so many youngsters who want to live a success-story like his. However, just looking at his riches wouldn’t be the right benchmark to understand his success. It goes deeper than that and one needs to imbibe certain traits of his to be really a Bill Gates!

Let me share with you some basics that you either need to have or you got to acquire, learn or adapt to even come closer to the success that Bill Gates is.

1) Idea

When Bill Gates started his career, the world was evolving at a very slow pace, technological advancements were not happening on a daily basis and even he didn’t visualise the enormous success when he started. All he had was an idea of something that might work and fulfil the needs of people. Nowadays, the world is changing really fast and solutions for yet to be found problems are coming out on a daily basis. With this background, you got to observe life around you closely, see what is it that people really need and are not getting from anywhere and how you can help them get it at an affordable cost! The idea, the vision has to come from you and then it all falls in place if you’re able to communicate that idea to the right kind of people.


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