Africa Tribes Has Extinct But Still Survives In Parts of India

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Afro Asian tribe that exists as the oldest African tribe was brought to India as slaves to serve the kings from the 16th century. They were considered as the elite working groups of the slaves, this was the reason that was preferred by the Mughals and the Muslim emperors. An ancient tribe that was brought from Africa and now known as Siddi Tribe, which are settled for centuries in the coastal areas of India, they are Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, as well as Gujarat.

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Siddi tribe in India from Africa

The African tribe has already extinct in the continent of Africa but is still seen on the different coasts of India.  According to the records on the Indo African people of about 70,000 people exists as the community.  India has always been famous for the existence of various ancient tribes, ranging from the Mongoloid in the northeastern region to the south with several ancient tribal people. The Siddi people are located at the forests of the seaside areas, they have been living for several years since their ancestors have sailed into India. Not only slavery but before it, they traveled for business as merchants and traders.

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Food and lifestyles

Though it has been several years that the tribe has moved in but their features and lifestyle are still connected to the forests. Far away from the urban-based people which is few miles away from them. To observe the lifestyle of adaptation from the ancestors can be seen if you visit the Yellapur area of Karanataka. Life of the tribal people is still stagnant to their old terms and has not changed at all. Their staple food and way of living are inspired by Africa, that you will find the matches as you move through the streets of the African continent.

When checking into the food of the people, they have adapted into the forest foods such as honeycombs, it can be just a living place for the honey bees for us urban people. Fresh dipped honey with the combs can be the only way to survive for the Siddis when they have no money to buy food. It enables them to exist through difficult times.

Another unique preparation during their hard times of survival is the red ants that are easily available from the forests. The preparation is a sweet ant’s chutney which is another staple food of the Indo-African, Siddi tribe that is served with rice.

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Dance and music

African tribe had always been having a unique dance art form which is still carried by the Siddi people of India. When you are through the forest colony of people, during the celebration of Pongal the Damal dance that you will watch them performing has been from the ancient form of tribal dance of Africa.

Their music and dance are also related to their lifestyle describing they cherish hunting and cooking of their food. While they use mridangam which signifies their inspiration from Indian instruments mixed with the African.


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