Are You A Traveller Who Loves To Write? Here’s An Elite Career Option You Could Pursue.

travel writer

Travel writer – Imagine getting out of your bed and knowing your work for the day is to bike along the country side, dine at a sea facing, not-so-posh restaurant and attend an opera or play you’d loved reading as a child.

Now that’s what we’re talking about here.

A travel writer earns from travelling the world, meeting new people, enjoying the freedom and exploring new places. Travel writing has been looked upon as a dream profession since a long time.

There is no clock for travel writers, yet they work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

There’s no cubicle or office desk, yet a computer is one of the most important things in their life. Fluency in an international language is required, as much as a strong sense of tasting and good memory.

As a travel writer you might travel the majestic jungles of Africa, or enjoy a beach side cottage on the coasts of Jamaica, but converting hardships into a beautiful experience is what you look forward to. A travel writer pays attention to every detail, while enduring the hardships. The ingredients of food, the elaborate craftsmanship of the columns, the texture of a famous fruit tasted for the first time, what did the fish look like when you cooked in special spices from around the world- every detail is included in the traveler’s piece of writing.

While on a general traveling routine, people tend to hire vehicles that suit their comfort and convenience, the way these people travel is totally different. They commute on bikes, cars or any other vehicle used by the locals as a means of commuting. The best way to know about a place is to live like the localities do, and blend yourself in the region culture.

As a travel writer you may work all by yourself and share your experiences on your blog, or freelance with any organization, the money involved is high and the benefits you get, higher. A renowned travel writer does not generally write for some news agency or other related media, yet earns a lumpsome amount from his/her own creative pieces.

Monthly income ranges from 40,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR. The elaborate craftsmanship of the columns of a particular structure, described in a way that makes you long to visit it, is what a travel writer expertise in.

If you’re a traveller and writing intrigues you, being a travel writer is the best career option for you.

You can start off with working in a media company, and at the same time create your own blog.

Once you’ve gained relevant experience, you could easily freelance or simply work for yourself, all time.

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