9 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

There is no dearth of wonders in the lap of mother nature. Sadly, we are unaware of most of them. When we named the 7 wonders of the world, perhaps our approach was too miserly. There are some arcane wonders in the world that will leave you wide-eyed. Don’t believe us? read about the destinations below that actually exist although science can’t define.

Devil’s Kettle:

The Devil’s Kettle is located in Minnesota. The river Brule forked at a rock outcropping. One stream goes to Lake Superior while the other goes into oblivion. Scientists can’t even tell that it goes underground.

Hessdalen Lights:

In rural central Norway, a 7.5 mile long light appears in the sky which looks enigmatic. These are brightly colored and shape-shifting and continuing for four decades. Scientists can’t still figure out the source of the same.

Movile Cave:

Located in Romania, this cave was deprived of sunlight for a stretch of 5.5 million years. When some workers slopped downwards between the narrow shafts and a series of tunnels, they found a poisonous lake amidst toxic air filled with hydrogen sulfide. A whole ecosystem consisting of leeches, spiders and water scorpions are surviving there.

Lake Karachay:

Back in 1051, this lake turned poisonous due to the radioactive waste disposed by the Soviet Union. Located in the Southern Ural mountains n Central Russia, the lake could kill you in hours if you stand near. This place is considered to be one of the most polluted places in the world.

The Double Tree of Casorzo:

The tree is located between Grana and Casorzo in Piedmont, Italy. This is a Cherry tree that is suspended on a Mulberry tree. Both the trees are surviving finely although the history of parasites says the parasitic trees have short lives.

The Sleeping City of Kalachi:

Located in Kazakhstan, people of this place have sleep sickness. The locals blame an abandoned Uranium mine for the same. People have even complained of hallucination, memory loss and fatigue. Some theorists say, the cause is the radiation emitting from the nearby forsaken mine but that theory is still not established.

Circles of Namibia:

In the Namib desert, there are bare fairy circles in regular intervals which grow nothing in between. The termites that clear the vegetation around their nests were lately held accountable for the same but later, the scientists have ruled out that theory too.

The Hum of Taos:

This could be the town of superheroes, scientists believe. The residents here complain about a disturbingly humming sound which has no explanation. The inhabitants later believed, after all theories being ruled out that their brains are generating the sound.

The Boiling River:

A four mile river, that lies deep in the rainforest of Peru. Its water is so hot that it can boil any living creature alive. The river is non-volcanic but the water is heated at an average of 196F. According to the scientists, the ground water that heats up the river, seeps through the Fault lines in the Earth’s crust, making the river a geothermal system.

These are universal treasures for being as mysterious, aren’t they?

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