5 Women Share Their Hilarious Bikini Wax Experiences!

Hilarious bikini wax experiences

Hilarious bikini wax experiences – Woman, you are lucky if you do not have any awkward bikini wax experience.

You will go ROFL over the craziest bikini wax stories of 5 women and you will also thank god that such things did not happen to you.

Hilarious bikini wax experiences –

  • “Hmm, I took almost 10-15 minutes in pointing down there”

I was very uncomfortable and did not know what to say when I entered the parlour. It took me much time to point out down there. “Under-legs waxing” is what you call it, my waxing lady told me. I was not ready for so much pain. I started to move my legs hoping that I will be able to land my feet on the floor, but Alas! I fell with my face forward on the ground and that too naked.

  • “I yelled out loudly and then I farted”

Oh god, I was very scared thinking about the pain. Iyelled so loud that few women come over there to see what actually happened to me. This was nothing, because after this I let out a fart. What a terrible look the waxing lady gave me. She went away from there and did not return. Later another lady completed my waxing. I could understand how pissed off she really was.

  • “I did a stupid thing by trying it at home”

I decide to give bikini wax a first time try and that also at home. I hardly had any information about it. I left the wax down there for too long and then it became really impossible to remove it. My mother came to my rescue. Finally, I too had the most embarrassing moment of my life.

  • “The waxing lady awkwardly blew on me”

The waxing lady who did my bikini wax once, first put the wax on me and then she blew on it to cool it down. Every time she did it, she looked up at me and gave a smile. More than being embarrassed I was traumatized.

  • “I shut my legs in pain”

During my first time, when the lady put the wax strips and pulled one, I closed my legs in pain. The pain was very intense. But then the wax got glued to my vagina. What a horrible experience it was.

Hilarious bikini wax experiences – Now, I guess some woman will find these experiences quite relatable and the few who never went for a bikini wax will give it a thought to try it for the first time.

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