This Short Film Featuring Naseeruddin Shah Depicts Emotions of a Lost Love

Int Cafe Night

Int Cafe Night

Love is a beautiful feeling and as they say it has its own different language that can’t be understood. Well, and if it’s about the first love then it’s truly hard to express in words.

Love that’s lost due to some circumstances is absolutely heart-wrenching. But, if that same love shows up in front of you then what would you do? Would you let it go? Or grab that chance to never let go of your first love? Int. Cafe Night shows the beauty of two past lovers and how the thought of distance trembled in their life.

The short films Int Cafe Night  by LargeshortFilms is directed by Adhiraj Bose, it displays heartwarming emotions mould in love that’s lost and finally how it shows up as “reunion” or say destined with “second chance”. Yes, this drama filled short film shows the moments in time of that “one night” between Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel who play the characters in-love.

It opens out on a quiet night in a picturesque café in Kolkata as the Bengali music keeps playing back on radio. It shows the reunion of past lovers almost after 30 years and their talks about each other’s respective lives. In-between you will see how things takes place linking them as it’ll take you in a flashback scenario featuring (Shweta Basu Prasad) and (Naveen Kasturia).

This 12 minute short film will give you goose bumps for sure. Overall, it tends to show sometimes you don’t want the things to go but circumstances make you do so. But, as they say First love, First meet and the last meet is unforgettable in life.

Words just aren’t enough to express this film…

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