Bollywood Songs That Make The Wedding Bells Ring

Bollywood wedding songs

Bollywood wedding songs – The constitution of marriage in India is more divine and spiritual. When we talk of tying the knot we talk about ‘saat janam ka vaada’ (Promise to be together for 7 lives)

Marriage means a lot more than just a function for a girl in India. Every girl is brought up in a society where she is protected by her father, brother, guy friends, neighbours and finally she is handed over to the person she ties the knot with.

A girl is supposed to be considered to be the most treasured person who needs to be handed over to the person she gets married to and that is the end of responsibility.

In this song ‘Babul’ from the 1994 movie ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ this emotional war that goes through during the time of ‘Bidaai’ (when the girl goes away with her husband) is explored.

Bollywood wedding songs –

The custom of protecting is beautiful but if that becomes a way to exploit and supress women then there is a huge problem.

Over the years the meaning of marriage got corrupted and the entire custom has become a big compromise.

More like a certificate from parents to sleep with a partner. The rituals that were made purely to celebrate the eternal knot have turned to some creepy and gross practices turning the society regressive. We even have cases of forced marriages in our country.

Nonetheless #Bollywood is in our hearts and some #MarriageSongs explore the dilemma and the contrasting aspects of Indian marriages.

On one hand they show us the glossy, beautiful picture but there is a subtle depressing factor attached.

I would want to give this perfect example of a song ‘Mehndi Hain Rachnewali’ from the film ‘Zubeidaa’ (2001) blending all the emotional factors a girl goes through during her marriage.

This one is more of a compromising factor and you see the underlying tension with respect to marriage that almost all girls go through in India. See how the beautiful rituals are blended as per the wish of the parents.

The lyrics are so amazing describing the girl, the free spirited energy lying underneath and how her entire household is celebrating the most important occasion of her life.

This is beautiful only if the occasion is a happier one even for the bride to be.

A classic case exploring this dilemma of the girl is this song from the famous movie DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) where everyone is celebrating the girl’s marriage while she is performing all those rituals for the guy she loves in the hope their love would succeed.

How can we forget the most gorgeous actress who looks stunning in the #IndianMarriage

I am talking of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The below video is from the film ‘Jodha Akbar’ where the director explores the rituals and customs of marriage in both the religions – Hindus & Muslims.

Again you could sense the discomfort in the bride’s eye.

Marriage is the most treasured and sacred experience in any girl’s life. The ideal marriage obviously involves the ideal partner where it is with mutual consent.

More than the society celebrating the occasion it is important that the two people who are tying the knot is celebrating and are supremely happy.

The universe can be a witness to the beautiful union.

Hence let me end the post with this amazing video that would take you to that blissful world where marriages are made in heavan.

Song: Taare hain baarati from the movie Virasat.

These are Bollywood wedding songs that make wedding bell ring.

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