The Award For The Best App Goes To’¦

Best Mobile App Award Goes to – To make it easy for our readers, we bring the best app available in 10 categories based on their features, popularity, and reviews.

We have a new app popping up almost every day.

These apps have become an inseparable part of our lives and most of us have become dependent on them for various tasks.

Undoubtedly, it is a herculean job to choose the best among these and in our busy lives most of us do not have the time & inclination to compare each app.

We bring for our readers the best apps from 10 categories, to help them in their selection.

1)  Best Travel App: TripIt

This is a smart travel organizer that picks up details from the user’s email and organizes all confirmation numbers, including PNRs, hotel reservations, dinner reservations and more. 

2)  Best Gaming App: Temple Run

Half of the world is busy finding ‘their treasure’ on Temple Run making it the best gaming app. 

3)  Best News App: NewsHunt

Supporting 11 Indian languages, the NewsHunt app is among the best and most updated news apps offering reports from newspapers, websites & other sources. 

4)  Best Recipe App: Sweet’N’Spicy

This app has a bucketful of recipes from various parts of the country. It provides tips and loads of other information too for the users. 

5)  Best Toddler Game App: Kids ABC Letters Lite

Using this app is an interesting way to teach alphabets to your little one. 

6)  Best Phone Security App: Avast Free Mobile Security

No other app can keep your phone more secure than this one. 

7)  Best Fitness App: Yoga Studio

This app is a boon for all those who do not get the time to join yoga classes. With280 yoga positions, the app is a great companion for fitness freaks. 

8)  Best Photography App:Camera ZOOM FX

Loaded with many exciting features, the Camera ZOOM FX is the ultimate app for photo clicking and editing. 

9)  Best Bollywood Music App:  Saavn

Saavn is an entertaining app for Bollywood fanatics. It has a great collection of songs to suit the diverse temperaments of its users. 

10)   Best Office App: Evernote

Evernoteis by far the best app for professionals and businessmen. This app is more like a mini-office. It can store sketches, images, notes, handwritten data, to-do lists, screen shots, and much more. It has a search feature that helps the user to locate text files and text within files.

There is a potpourri of other apps also available. We have selected the best in each category based on their features, popularity, and reviews. Users may select other apps in each category depending on their personal preferences.

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