5 Best Castor Oil Uses You Probably Didn’t Know

Castor oil uses

Castor oil uses – Castor oil has a magnitude of utilities.

It is anti-oxidative, eradicator of inflammation and is inundated with anti-bacterial properties.

Since time immemorial, the scientists and doctors have approved of castor oil for other medicinal therapeutic benevolences. Castor oil is but an extract from the seeds of ricinus communis plants and is pale yellow in color which gives a testimony to its purity.

Furthermore, the unsaturated fatty acids laced with vitamin-E, proteins, minerals usher in health for your hair, nails, and skin.

Here are a few pointers about Castor oil uses you need to know

Castor oil uses –

  1. Castor oil works wonders in moisturizing dry and flaky skin.

It penetrates deep into the skin and plants the fatty acids therein to bring out natural shine and avert aging

  1. This oil is a completely safe laxative.

It works wonders on constipated children. Gulp down 1-2 spoons of castor oil (same dosage for children over 5 years of age, under 5 years, just 1 tablespoon full will suffice) mixed in orange juice as see the results.

  1. Castor oil promotes hair growth.

Yes, it boosts hair growth by cleaning the follicles, ousting the impurities and thickening the hair. Use castor oil with coconut oil at regular intervals on your hair, you will see the results in just a month.

  1. This oil is anti-aging agent

Yes, it is an undisputed booster of collagen and elastin which when applied on circular motions on the skin and left overnight, make sure aging is delayed.

  1. Work wonders for stretch marks

It prevents and wipes out stretch marks that our body generates after losing weight or having a baby. Apply generous quantity of castor oil all over the affected area and leave it overnight to see the stretch marks subside with time.

These are Castor oil uses – castor oil thickens eyebrows, relieves sore muscles, prevents fungal infection etc. It is your one stop solution for all Beauty requirements therefore.

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