Giving Is The Best Communication

Giving is the best communication

In a world that begs for communication, this Taiwanese video exhibits the perfect example in similar regard.

The ad features a young boy being caught by a woman after stealing medicines. A shop owner comes to his aid and enquires about the theft.

The boy responds by saying that he stole the medicines for his ailing mother. Overwhelmed by the child’s poor living condition and helplessness, the shop owner pays the woman for medicines. In addition, he asks his daughter to bring the boy some food.

The advertisement moves ahead 30 years later showing the same, but now old shop owner and his 20-something daughter working the same chores. Her father collapses due to bad health and is admitted to the local hospital.

The bill shows massive numbers; maybe the daughter has given up hope of saving her father’s life. However, this one time she wakes up by her father’s bedside to find an envelope containing the hospital bill. The amounts are reduced to zero. Someone has paid the hospital bill.

Who paid the bill? That’s the surprise and a true inspiration. Giving is the best communication, indeed.

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