WATCH: The Curious Case Of Missing Data Is Finally Solved

Missing Data

‘Your data is over’- Undoubtedly this message is the most dreadful thing in the life of smart phone generation.

And we cannot ignore the fact that life without cell phone is actually unimaginable and smartphone without Internet is equally unthinkable.

Internet is like one of the basic necessities. There is always this frightful notion of ‘net getting over’ in our head and we simply do not know how and why it gets over so fast.

If you too seek the answer to the question then you must surely watch this video by TVF (The Viral Fever)

The video smartly showcases or we can say solves the curious case of missing ‘data’.   And we couldn’t agree more with the answer.

This humorous take on Internet users, aptly shows how we use our mobile phone all the time and unknowingly use up data. And how we go bonkers when our internet pack ends!

But thanks to Vodafone U as one can get lots of data and an additional night quota as well so we can have great surfing on Internet without any worries of net pack getting over.

Check out this funny video where two friends find answers to the question – Dude, Where’s My Data?


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