Quantum Leap: World’s First Spiritual Game Is What You Must Check Out

Spiritual Game

Most of us have addiction to play games online or in cellphones and of course our parents hate the most about this fact.

They  yell at us every time they see us glued to screen busy playing games and in order to obey them we ditch our game midway. But the news of a unique game will make all gamers and parents rejoice.

Yup, you read those lines right. Here’s a new insightful and spiritual game called Quantum Leap  by Art of Living.

Art of living, as we all know is great initiative by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as he and his community make our life super simple and fulfilling.

This another step of introducing a game, which is one of a kind, is world’s first spiritual game.

About the game

We downloaded and played this game and it’s quite simple and cool at the same time.

The main character Vijay Tej is in his quest to meet the whole world, which he feels is his family. The background is of a  beautiful nature.

The best part is that it the music soothes your ears as the background score is mild which will instantly uplift your mood. Also one can hear wonderful bhajans and explore Indian mythological Gods like Shiva, Devi and Hanuman.

Instructions of the game

The player has to TAP to JUMP
And by TAPPING in MIDAIR you can have  BOOST JUMP
By COLLECTING blue collectibles you can keep Prana Energy HIGH.

So download the app and get set play. You can download this app by clicking here.

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