Will the Indian version of 24 live up to its standards?

Colors launches the Indian adaptation of America’s hit crime series 24

Yesterday saw the grand launch of 24, an American series which is all ready to mark its debut in India on Colors this October. The American series is a popular show with actor Kiefer Sutherland playing the lead role of Jack Bauer. The story revolves around the Counter Terrorist Unit that protects America from terrorists. In total, it features 24 episodes, each episode being one hour from the life of Jack Bauer and as the show follows a real time format showcasing the happenings of the CTU and how they solve a case in 24 hours. To keep up with the happenings and to give it a realistic touch, the viewers get to see a 24 hour clock on the side of their screens during the show.

While the American series saw its season finale in 2010, the Indian counterpart is ready to begin the journey. Where Kiefer played the lead role in the original 24, Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor will be seen leading the CTU team in the Indian version as Jai Singh Rathod.

Now this is the first time Anil Kapoor will be acting on small screen, having never even done a single reality show before; be it as a host or a judge. Even the star cast, which consists of some brilliant actors like Anupam Kher, Shabana Azmi, Mandira Bedi, Tisca Chopra and Neil Bhoopalam, are all coming together for the first time in a series like this.
First look of the show came out a while ago and by the looks of it the show looks impressive. If you haven’t yet watched it then you can catch it up right here! The story in the Indian version will see Anil Kapoor trying to stop the terrorists from assassinating the President and at the same time saving his family who have been kidnapped by the enemies.

While everything seems to be working for this show, the biggest question is, are the Indian viewers ready for such kind of programming? We are a bunch of daily soap addicts and reality show fans and an intense show like 24 can really change the norm of Indian TV viewing if it’s done right. It helps to have such popular names but can Anil Kapoor do a Jack Bauer? He has played a small role in one of the episodes of the original series so probably that’s where he got the idea to bring the show to India.

But this show can neither be classified as a daily soap or a reality show so to get the audience to watch the show can turn out to be a tough task for Anil Kapoor. Also the show needs to maintain its standards of being a crime thriller and not turn out to be a drama series which let’s just admit we all love watching and most of our TV shows are based on it. I would really like to see a serious Jai Singh Rathod nabbing terrorists in Jack Bauer style and not Jhakaas-ing them like Anil Kapoor!

Do you think this show will manage to impress the masses? Are you excited to watch the Indian version 24 or you rather stick to the original series? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Watch the trailer here…

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