These Hacks Will Help You Get Rid Of Anxiety And Hypertension In A Matter Of Seconds.

Anxiety and hypertension

Anxiety and hypertension – These Hacks That Will Help You Get Rid Of Anxiety And Hypertension In A Matter Of Seconds.

Anxiety is one of the biggest and most rapidly growing problems in the world today. People get anxious about the smallest of the things ever which results in anxiety issues for a long duration of years. Anxiety is basically a worry about future events and fear is a reaction to current events. These feelings may cause physical symptoms, such as a fast heart rate and shakiness. Anxiety is scary and dangerous because it results in other psychological problems which sure can disturb an individual to the extreme levels so here we have some hacks that will help you get rid of anxiety and hypertension in a matter of seconds.

Get rid of anxiety and hypertension – 

  1. Go for a Run: Running is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you are on the peak or start of feeling anxious or tensed. This will channelize your energies to somewhere better and you’ll feel relaxed to a great level.
  2. Doodle something: One thing you should try to do is draw anything on a paper, use colors, pencils, pens or whatever comes in your hand. Don’t care about how good or bad you are at drawing. Just draw random lines, flowers or stars or anything and get away from the trap of anxiety and hypertension.
  3. Talk to a Friend: It is very important to let your anxiety get out of your body and for that it’s very important for you to puke it out to someone you trust. Call your best-friend or your partner to discuss about what’s troubling you without feeling even the slightest fear of being judged by them. Make sure you let it out.
  4. Orgasm: Yes, we aren’t joking here. Orgasms help you to relax in a matter of seconds. Try to watch a porn movie, go and make-out with your partner to have an orgasm and then see the magic in the minimal time.
  5. Find a therapist: It is very important to take medical help if your anxiety and hypertension are happening to you more than usual. It’s not that taking help of a therapist or psychologist will make you feel that there’s some problem with your mind, it will help you overcome with all that.
  6. Music: Music will help you big time when you are anxious or tensed about something which is making you uncomfortable. Listening to your favorite music will help you relieve your tension and anxiety very smoothly.
  7. Reading: Grab a good read, preferably a very positive one and start getting engulfed in the journey of completing the book. Reading helps relax your nerves and distract your mind from any anxiety and tension. This is going to really help you.
  8. Candles and Scents: Aroma candles and scents will help you relax as the soothing fragrance from the scents and candles will get into your system and make you feel lighter. Plus, the surrounding the candles will create will relax you in a massive way altogether.
  9. Breathe lightly: Start taking deep breathes for a minute and make sure that you inhale deep and exhale through your mouth, also make sure that you close your eyes in the process. This will take seconds to calm you down. Not only for hypertension or anxiety, this exercise is of a great help even for anger management and panic attacks.
  10. Focus on your issue: Ask yourself if the topic you’re stressing about is really of that much importance? If the topic has not yet happened then, stop thinking about it and if it has happened then there’s no point thinking about it. Just relax.
  11. Play with pets: If you have a pet make sure you play with them at the time of anxiety and if you don’t, go and feed some street-dogs. This is surely going to help you get distracted from the topic of your anxiety and tension.
  12. Blow some Bubbles: Get a bubble-maker for yourself if anxiety happens to you often and start blowing bubbles. Blowing bubbles will firstly distract you and secondly is a relaxing exercise as it involves breathing while you blow-out.

These simple hacks can help you relieve your anxiety and hypertension in the quickest way ever possible. Remember, only you can help yourself, no one else can. Realize your importance and be kind to yourself because you don’t deserve this.

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