Honey Singh, Why Are Girls In Your Songs Always Dependent?

Honey singh

There was sanity for a while but Yo Yo Honey Singh is back with another song filled with insane lyrics.

Obviously the subject is a girl and her lifestyle.

Don’t be surprised if you happen to bump on me grooving crazily to his latest track ‘Birthday Bash’ from the movie ‘Dilliwaali Zaalim Girlfriend’.

No I am not a hypocrite. Like me, many of his critics might strongly disagree with his opinions but would still get caught to his tracks.

This is one factor about him that has helped him sustain in this industry despite his crappy numbers. He packages it well. The lyrics are hopelessly depressing and offensive to all women but do we really care when we want to let our minds free and just groove to the tracks?

This is going to be a disco anthem or even a wedding anthem soon in our country. Actually I won’t even be surprised if this track is played during our idol visarjans.

When we are in a party mood we groove to any song. Many people don’t even know what ‘Apdi Pode’ or ‘Naka Muka’ mean but these songs are a hit. Similarly people dance to the songs of Honey Singh not for the lyrics but mostly for the peppy music.

Sadly Honey Singh has mistaken this as public agreeing to his lyrics. This encourages him to compose and promote negative thoughts that portray women in a certain light and tend to generate a general point of view about them.

The problem with such tracks is that many guys actually believe what Honey Singh raps.

As the entire media is praising his new track let us look at the wonderful lyrics:

Baby Baby Baby…Baby Ka Hain Birthday Bash

Daddy Daddy Daddy…Daddy Se Churaake

Goa Jaake Karti Aish

I don’t even want to imagine the plight of lyricists like Prasoon Joshi if he happens to hear these kinds of compositions.

By the way the lyricist of this latest track of Honey Singh is Alfaaz. Clearly he is also one of the many guys hammered with anti-women thoughts.

Honey Singh points about the traits of girls who party.

Well there may be girls who steal but don’t guys steal from their parents?

Oh yes if Honey Singh is reading this post then Mr. Yo Yo FYI even the mother in the household can be the financial aspect of the family. So it isn’t necessary to steal from ‘Daddy’ alone. ‘Mommys’ earn too.

According to Honey Singh and Alfaaz and every guy who have weird perceptions about girls, a woman of top strata either has to be dependent on her father or her boyfriend. Yes he does make it clear at the start that she is just 20yrs old but if guys can start earning at an early age then even girls can. But an independent girl earning at an early age is an alien behavior to Honey Singh and his lyricist.

No matter if the lady is 20yrs or even 40yrs old, according to the Desi Singh can’t be independent to buy her branded products.

He raps about the girl celebrating her birthday four times a year and demands expensive gifts from guys. Of course guys in his compositions are helpless and brainless and are exploited by women.

They don’t have the sensibility to spend carefully and it is the girl’s fault. How? Hey because if a girl is demanding Gucci products how can you not adhere to her wish? Where is chivalry gone?

Ironically a man who blatantly criticizes women uses chivalry as a tool to defend his emotional side.

Clearly his emotional side might be a ‘Devdas’ story-line and he is on a trip to Mars.

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