Get Fit While Getting Romantic! Here’s How You Do It!

Romantic Exercise

Want to get active and healthy while also improving your romantic life?

You need to go for romantic exercises for couples.

Don’t be surprised. The two can definitely go hand in hand.

If you are concerned about your partner’s health, his/her weight or activity level, here’s a method for you to be a good role model for health, have some healthy fun with each other, and build a closer relationship, all at the same time.

Romantic exercises for couple

Romantic exercises for couple

Sure, we know that not having enough time, money or self-confidence, keep many people away from the gym. But did you know that, according to a recent study, 48% of people said their spouse or partner did not support regular gym attendance and sticking to fitness goals.

What?  Really?

Your relationship isn’t supportive of you working out, getting healthy, looking fit and feeling great? And worse, you and your spouse or partner are in a constant state of battle over this? Hmmm. We better look into this before a relationship disaster, or a health crisis, occurs.

There’s hope for sure!

Given the fact that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, what better time to think about a great date, a workout date!

Work out date

Work out date

After all, not only does going to the gym together enable couples to spend quality time with each other, it allows for discussion of mutual goals and fitness levels, creates opportunities for sharing a common commitment to well-being, creates mutual motivation, develops a deeper bond with each other, and offers many chances to celebrate each other’s successes.

Matters of the heart beyond cardio benefits are only some of the rewards you can look forward to with couples exercise. After all, pheromones and endorphins released from combined exercise will put you both, uh, in the “right frame of mind” for “after gym fun.” There are studies that show that men and women who exercise regularly report better and more frequent sex with their partners! Imagine, how much more enjoyable can exercising with each other be?

Couple at gym doing romantic exercises

Couple at gym doing romantic exercises

Here are some simple ideas to get started:

  • Take a class or two together. From Aerobics to spinning to Yoga, and from stretching to Pilates, Gravity and Zumba, your gym has enough classes each week to satisfy your interests and needs, and stir your hearts. Yes, you may need to try something new and different from your individual workout routine, but learning something new together can be fun! This builds the opportunity to be influenced by each other’s desires, and turn towards, not away from each other when you hit the gym door.
  • Do cardio side-by-side by finding two treadmills, stair machines, or bikes and work at your own speed, double headphones with the same iPod lets you share great music with a free app like Rock My Run! Find other workout activities that you can do with each other that are different but compatible. Lifting weights near the treadmill your partner is on gives you a chance to do your own thing, side by side.
  • Learn how to stretch each other, gently helping each other with a pull or push can ease each other’s muscles before and after a couples’ workout. Just be gentle. This is not the place to work out your anger!
  • Develop more trust with each other simply by serving as each other’s spotter when doing weight training. Knowing your partner is there to assist you can aid in communication and trust building. And there’s nothing like saying “thanks” to help a relationship. Bench presses, chest flies, skull crushers all can provide opportunities to assist each other and demonstrate a feeling of safety with each other.
  • Do resistance exercises using each other, serving as the resistance. Pushups against the press of your partner and leg raises with resistance from your partner are only two ways to begin partner-assisted resistance. It’ll help your arguments later, and help you learn to take important cues from each other.

Eye contact and communicating while exercising offer chances for intimacy building that can extend to other activities that are, well, a bit more intimate and reserved for out of the gym exercise.

Start your romantic couple workouts today and witness your relationship going to the net level of being a successful and intimate bond.

Have a very healthy, happy and fun Valentine’s Day.

Couple go on cycling

Couple go on cycling

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