The Host Of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan Is A Liar!

Why Salman Khan is not hosting Bigg Boss 9 – All this news about Salman Khan not hosting the next season of Bigg Boss due to work pressures is an eye wash. The real reason is related to Salman’s personal life.

All those die-hard Salman Khan fans; hold on for a moment!

Keep your guns, revolvers, knives, swords and any other means of mass destruction at bay and kindly listen to us!

We have nothing personal against Sallu bhai of the world, but then there are reasons we are calling him a liar.

Salman has been hosting Bigg Boss for past five consecutive seasons and is considered one of the most popular hosts amongst all the reality shows going on various channels. In fact one of the most important reasons Bigg Boss is such a huge hit is presence of Salman with his unparalleled charm, wit and style! Still, every few days rumours start making the round that Sallu bhai is leaving the show and search is on for a replacement. In Bigg Boss 7, Salman himself announced that he won’t host Bigg Boss 8 due to controversy involving Tanisha Mukherji.

However, channel was able to convince him with great difficulty (read: double remuneration) to continue as a host. Now again, for past few days news is circulating that actors like Ranveer Singh, Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor etc are being considered to replace him!

Lame Excuses

All this is due to supposed statement by Salman that he is tired of hosting such a high-pressure show and he wants to focus on his work. In other words, he wants to focus in films at hand and spend quality time with friends and family etc etc. Like really, huh!


Actual Reasons

What he means by his supposed statement is that he is neck deep in his own troubles to handle trouble of wannabe Bigg Boss house contestants! The whole world knows that the legal cases against him in the Indian courts are slowly but surely turning against him. With one witness after other recording their statement against Salman, it must have dawned on him that sooner than later he will be back behind the bars, just like Puneet Issar was in Bigg Boss 8, just a couple of days back. And Punz (as loving called by Sallu himself) was still in a comfortable jail, Salman, if convicted and given a punishment, will be behind the bars rubbing his shoulders with his chuddy-buddy, Sanjay Dutt!


Not for a few days, but few years most probably!

This very scenario which was looking like a distant possibility just a few months back is suddenly looking very real. The kind of money riding on Salman must have scared him to shit! What better than quitting a show than being thrown out due to a label of convict or rather unceremoniously shown the door without even getting a chance to say yes or no to a potential offer!     

So, it is all about saving face and giving lame excuses to ‘retire’ on your own, right Salman Khan?

Well, guys, the facts are in front of you! Decide for yourself if what Salman is doing and saying is genuine or is he acting like one of the wannabe contestants of Bigg Boss who say one thing and mean the other!

The ball is in your court, guys! 

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