Why Mahabharat remains our favourite tale

The revamped version of Mahabharat airs from tonight. We tell you why it’s one of our favorite tales…

When as a kid the opening theme of B.R Chopra’s Mahabharat would come up onscreen, the entire house would come rushing towards the TV. Such was the power of that mythological drama. On September 16, 2013, Swastik Pictures’ ‘Mahabharat’ will unfold and we are hoping that recreates the magic of the original series. With many twists, turns and politics, the epic war drama remains one of our favourites. Even today you can pick up a lesson or two from the drama. Be it Draupadi’s vastra-haran , Krishna’s war gems or Abhimanyu’s ‘chakravyuh’ tales, you can still relate to these.

When the show premiers tonight, it’s going to be one very dazzling episode with TRPs shooting through the roof, what with Mahabharat already trending big time on Twitter.  The cast of the show also seems rather interesting, with Saurabh Raj Jain playing Lord Krishna, Aham Sharma as Karna , Shaheer Sheikh as Arjun , Pooja Sharma as Draupadi , Puneet Issar  as Parshurama , Sameer Dharmadhikari  as Shantanu , Sayantani Ghosh   as Satyavati  and Shafaq Naaz as Kunti. And as the show progresses, we are sure the other important characters would also be revealed.


Mahabharat remains a classic even today for its intricate plots, good over evil mantra, amazing war strategies and politics. The book is so full of battles and wars, it’s not advised to keep the Mahabharata at home. You’re not supposed to read it in the evenings, as it can disrupt family life. The stunning tale also tells you a lot about caring for your family and how brothers can turn against each other when everything is at stake. The new show promises to add a lot of ‘tadka’ to the tale and it make it even more masaledaar than it actually is. Krishna’s guidance to help Arjun during the battle is such an important part of the magnum opus that it’s become the holy book of Hindus (the Bhagwad Gita).

There’s something very real about this story as all the characters have shades of grey to them. Nobody is completely goody, which makes them more like us, unlike the other epic Ramayana. In fact, the characters are so nuanced, there are forever debates going on them. For instance, many scholars question Krishna’s help in the finale of the battle, while many call Karna the true hero of the drama and some even blame Draupadi for banishing her Pandava husbands to hell. Phew! The fact that there are no rights and wrongs in the tale is what makes it more enchanting. When as a 10-year-old I first watched the show on DD channel, I fell in love with Abhimanyu. For his bravery, his masculinity, his sacrifice and archery skills. For me, he is a notch above his own father (Arjun) and all his uncles. Many may criticize Shantanu for being the main reason behind the war, while many feel Bhishma pitah’s sacrifice to be the ultimate.

When it’s so very interesting to read, imagine how much fun watching it on screen would be! With improved technology and digital sound, the 2013 outing of Mahabharat will be nothing less than fireworks. Don’t forget to tune into Star Plus at 8.30 from Monday to Friday.

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