What do you think Karan Johar will ask Salman Khan on Koffee With Karan?

Salman Khan is apparently going to be Karan Johar’s first guest on Koffee With Karan 4.

Salman Khan is apparently going to be Karan Johar’s first guest on Koffee With Karan 4. Karan Johar is known for his straightforward behaviour and Salman Khan for his short temper. Once Karan gets all comfortable and candid, ensconced in his cosy couch, he can talk about anything under the sun.  And when something irks Sallu bhai, he can simply intimidate the other person just with his expressions. You get the hint right! We hope KJo doesn’t end up saying something that he would regret about later, as we all know what happens when you raise the Bigg Boss 7 host’s hackles.

But we hear everything’s cool in the entertainment paradise now. KJo and SK are very good friends and the news is that viewers will get to see their ‘never seen before’ camaraderie on the small screen. 

Knowing Karan and his naughty ways, here’s what we think he might ask him…or perhaps we would like Johar to ask him…!

–  So Salman (in his classy baritone), I have a feeling that one day I am going to wake up, pick up the morning newspaper and end up seeing in bold letters ‘SALMAN GETS MARRIED’. That day I will definitely need loads of coffee…what say Salman?  

–  Will we ever seeing you patch up with a certain Mr Khan from the industry? Will Arjun meet Karan again, just the way they did in the movie?

–  How do you feel about being called the quintessential bad boy of the industry? Do you ever feel like shouting from the rooftops and prove everybody wrong?

–  It seems that you avoid punctuality just like the way you avoid the media. Did the clock in your house offend you in any way?

–  What will it take for a girl to stick around with you for the long haul? 




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