Things You Shouldn’t Be Bother About

Things one should not bother about

Things one should not bother about – You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can either stop walking or use it to accelerate you speed. You shouldn’t be bother about the things which aren’t in your hands.

Things that influence you, effects you or affects you can be trivial if you stop giving damn about them. To make living a little easier doesn’t count to eliminate hurdles kept on the road, you should be a good driver instead. Stop bumping on them!

Here are some of things one should not bother about, for your betterment :

Things one should not bother about

Their failures: (IMG_6092)

Yes, they are your friends, your people and you worry about them which is an act out of emotions. Yet you should also keep in mind about your individuality. What if they failed in their relationship ? They would cry, might wail a little more or call you at odd hours because they need your friendly comfort. But in midst of this mess, you should not chuck about yourself, should not bother yourself for something which is transient. You should be cheerful enough to make people around you feel lucky. You don’t need a clove to make your day bright.

What they think: (IMG_6090)

Your work isn’t to please them. Let them think what they think, it shouldn’t bother you. If you let your thoughts to get influenced by their comments/compliments not critics, you would always be stagnant. You have your aims to be achieved, goals to be accomplished and dreams to be fulfilled. Never ever let the “Sharma Ji’s son/daughter’s results decide your future.

Your yesterday:  (IMG_6091)

Your yesterday is a story. An event of past. You can’t change it so no use of mulling about what could have been done. It’s good that you have realised about the awful things you did, but you can’t let that guilt shackle your growth. Learn from the mistakes and rise above the miseries and hatred. No day is same, not even the second of it repeats, thus you shouldn’t let your bitter past to bother you.

Things one should not bother about

Unknown tomorrow: (IMG_6094)

Have you seen tomorrow? Are you sure about it? See, it’s good that you plan for the coming days, but you should not stop living today just to store a little more for the future. To prioritize the uncertainty over things to be done before the sun rise for another day, can be your biggest mistake.

Things one should not bother about

Melancholy:  (IMG_6093)

Even sun sets when it’s dusk but does it skip any morning to rise? No. You’re the mighty of your life. What if the life is treating you a little harsh, the crown will be still placed on your head. Try to find happiness in little things and stop being bother about how long the winter will chill your spine. Sometimes all you can do is keep doing.

Things one should not bother about

These are the things one should not bother about – It takes time to change, to twirl the state. Yes, you don’t want blues in your story but even a wide smile, for long, dries your mouth. Every phase in life is important, but most important is to priorities things. You should stop bother about things which aren’t in your control, rather implement on what could be done.

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