Sunil ‘˜Gutthi’ Grover Joins Kapil Sharma Again: Who Is More Needy?

Sunil Grover is coming back to Kapil Sharma’s show. We look at how they both need each other. Kapil, due to his ongoing various controversies and Sunil for getting back in the limelight!

Sunil ‘Gutthi’ Grover has left Comedy Nights with Kapil!

Sunil ‘Gutthi’ Grover might join Comedy Nights with Kapil!

Sunil ‘Gutthi’ Grover comes back to Comedy Nights with Kapil!

Getting fed up, right? So are we!

This confusing stuff is going on for past so many months now that it creates more laughter than the show itself! You guys also must be wondering as to what is going on? Do these guys want to work together and entertain us or just keep playing their funny games? The latest is that both Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma have joined hands to work again! Thank goodness! No, not for them coming back together but for putting an end to this seemingly endless juvenile conjecture of the sorts!

Their cat-fight however does give reasons to wonder as to what happened for them to get back together? Who would have blinked first? Who needed the other more? After the split, in the media they always maintained the stand that they are good friends and will work together in future if given an opportunity. May be they had kept doors open for a day like this only when both need each other desperately. Really!

For Sunil, it is obvious that he needs Kapil’s help badly after falling flat on his face in his attempt to fly higher than his capacity! For generating yawns wider than two freaking galaxies, his show Mad In India flopped miserably. He needed some platform to reclaim his lost glory and what better than trying luck with old employer, Kapil Sharma!

As far as Kapil is concerned, he is going through some serious rough patch! After flying high with Yash Raj Films’ three-film contract, he was suddenly shown the door. Now no one knows the real reason but the fact is he missed out on a real exciting project and then got embroiled in a stupid Twitter fight with a non-existent entity, Kamaal R Khan! More than his show, Kapil is in the news for all the wrong reasons and that must be affecting the popularity of the show in a negative manner. To bring something new and good, Sunil Grover must be a good idea!

You see, both are immensely talented gentlemen and entertainers to the core. However, in a bid to rise too high, too soon, both seem to have hidden their common sense. Looks like they have found it finally and hopefully will use it judiciously in the future.

As per sources, Sunil has started shooting and will be seen as Kapil’s father-in-law (???? Really) in their first episode together; whether he gets inside Gutthi’s skin again or not, only time will tell.

For us, the viewers, the best thing is to see them go crazy together and make us go crazy with laughter!

Deadly combo they are for sure! Agree? 

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