#TwinTroubles ‘“ Stop Asking Us These Questions

What are the troubles of twins – Twins do have problem with the manner in which they are portrayed in the society. These are the questions that twins around the world are tired of hearing.

Being one of the twins in the world, I can say this proudly and I believe I say this for every other twin when I claim that being a twin as a fantastic and unique experience.

Having someone your own age in the family, growing alongside you and sharing similar experiences as you is incredible.

Often times, people think of us as a unit and we don’t mind that. WE ARE A UNIT. We share our successes and failures together.

It does not matter to us whether we are identical or fraternal twins.

However, we do have problem with the manner in which twins are portrayed in the society. Thanks to Bollywood movies like Judwaa, Chaalbaaz and Kishen Kanhaiya, the entire perception of twin siblings has changed.

Below mentioned are a few questions that we are tired of hearing

“If I smack you, will your twin feel it?”

Well, no! But feel free to give it a try. If you want to try, come wearing your running shoes because remember when I said that WE ARE A UNIT? Yes. Any other person hurting our sibling is not acceptable to us – be it in a friendly manner. Besides, you will get an extra smack for the only smack that you gave us. “Ek ke saath doosra muft!”

“Which one of you is the elder one?”

Personally, I could never see the relevance of this question – never in school, college or at workplace. Does it actually matter which one of us is the elder one. We were born just minutes apart.

“Do you have a twin language?”

Yes. And I am just gonna go to my twin and discuss in that ‘special language’ about how stupid this question is and how I am controlling my urge to smash your face in.

“Do you share the same birthday?”

If I were a person, who asked this question to a twin, the shame I would feel thereon would kill me. I would look for a pit of sand to hide my face in. Yes, we do share the same birthday. You are invited by the way!

“Why don’t you dress same all the time?”

Well, because we are not four, or stupid. Our personalities and preferences are different which is why we dress differently.

“What if you married another set of twins?”

No problem. We’ll take it. All the more stories to share and play the guessing game whether either of us will have a set of twin.

“Which one of you is the serious one?”

The one that adds a snark remark to this question is the funny one and the one that punches you for the same reason is the serious one.

We are like any other siblings that are born years apart. Some of us look alike, whereas the rest are fraternal twins.

We are no different in action. We love one another. We have our share of arguments – verbal and physical. However, at the end of the day, just like everyone else, we consider our sibling as a blessing.

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