Mysterious History Of Tesla And Death Ray Weapon

death ray

Tesla’s invention of the death ray remains an all-time mystery because no one was able to find out any kind of evidence related to his theory. During his old days, he had to live in poverty staying in cheap hotels, hereby before his death, Tesla and the death ray were popular in history as a mystery. Tesla died in 1943, he had asked Government for aids to carry on with his inventions. But never was approached for any help, it was after his death that the US military had immediately searched his room for the weapon.

It was disappointing for the US military men because they did not find any kind of evidence or devices to accept a few electronic parts in a box.

death ray

What was the death ray?

Nikola Tesla, the popular scientists who had contributed to science brought light to the working of alternating rays, wireless lightings, induction motor, and many inventions of which six are not known to us. His six inventions were just developed in his thoughts but were never built; death ray is one of the thought-built sciences on weapons that were never been in reality.

The death ray is a kind of electromagnetic rays that can be used as modern weapons to fight battles. It was just discovered in theories which are now termed as directed-energy weapons. Not only Tesla but Harry Grindell Matthews, Edrin R. Scott claimed that they had independently worked on the energy weapons. Edrin R Scott had discovered the weapon after the death of Tesla in 1943.

Aim of the death ray weapon

According to the Teslas and the Death Ray theory, the main aim of the energy weapons was to attack the airplanes, destroy and kill people. The theory of modern energy equipment and weapons are implemented today that was once just in theories about a century ago.

Tesla‘s contribution to the electrical works and magnetic inventions had brought a huge change in modern science. The revolution still inspires and motivates modern technologies. The theory of death ray energy weapons has motivated to development of ion beam ray weapons that are highly powerful to destroy massively and can be operated from the sky itself.

death ray

Before his theory, he had stated about his upcoming furious projects that can make his country dominate the world for the upcoming years. It was about Tesla’s unfolded invention that made the US government curious. It has the capacity of generating the beam with 100 billion watts to hit a target that is 250 miles away.

It appears like science fiction, as there was no tool or device available. Though Nikola Tesla was believed to be suffering from mental illness who spends his end of a lifetime with pigeons rather than humans. He was busy configuring his invention in his mind, a brilliant scientist who kept his theory survive even after decades.

His idea of the death ray remained a mystery which was later a greater matter of concern to the discovery and dominance especially during the world war.

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