Koffee With Karan With Freida & Nargis: Great Girly Fun!

I wasn’t much of a fan of these two women until I saw this episode. The one thing I gauged is that they are definitely not prudes.

I wasn’t much of a fan of these two women until I saw this episode. The one thing I gauged is that they are definitely not prudes. They are unabashed in a charming way, not one of those chicks who put up facades to be in the good books of people in general. If you forget for a moment that they are these glamorous actors and just view them as normal individuals, talking about their lives and experiences, they will come across as these carefree and independent women you want to hang out with and make them your partners-in crime. One is the street-smart ghetto gal and the other is a great example of a rags-to-riches story; Nargis and Freida were so politically incorrect and not even an iota of la-di-da ness in the way they conversed; now that’s what I truly call a no-holds-barred conversation.

All said and done, here are the 5 best things I liked about the episode in which KJo couldn’t stop fumbling and stuttering. The gals totally left him astounded…

1) When Nargis revealed that Ranbir is a mamma’s boy and a gossip queen at the same time, with that hilariously deadpan expression on her face. Of course that gave Johar the uncontrollable giggles. For a moment he forgot that he has a show to host. 

2) Pinto confessed that she’s dating Dev Patel who’s much younger to her without a crease of ‘reluctance’ on her face. Such a non-conformist she is and that according to me is the new cool. Karan also teased her by calling her a pedophile. But it was later discovered that Dev is an ‘old soul’ which is one of the reasons they get along so well.

3) The threesome jokes were quite the highlight of the show. Wonder how many people were scandalized after hearing that? The two gorgeous ladies confessed that they would love to have Deepika Padukone as the third one to get naughty with. Now that’ some light-hearted confession.

4) Freida was a great sport. When asked what her matrimonial ad would sound would like, she said in a mocking tone, a girl who’s not fair and is definitely not a virgin. Now that was a dig taken straight at the parochial Indian mindset.

5) The two ladies revealed the real meaning of their names in other languages. So Nargis in Spanish means butt-cheeks and Pinto in Portugese is a small penis. The two practically died laughing after discovering the connection between their names and private body parts.

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