Is Weed Really Helpful For Your Body?

marijuana or weed

Marijuana or weed – This article goes to all pot smokers!

What would be your reaction when someone says marijuana or weed is healthy for a person?

Moderate smokers will stay calm while weed lovers will love to argue and prove the fact that weed is essentially healthy for your body. For those who believe marijuana or weed is injurious to health, you need to read this article till the end.

Numerous studies and researches have uncovered that smoking cannabis can help in treating various diseases and disorders. Don’t believe me? Scroll down to know the health benefits of marijuana or weed.

Ganja lovers are better at dealing with stress

Modern researchers have shown a mind calming properties of marijuana which says that individuals smoking pot can deal with stress in a better way. Researchers have also said that chronic pot smokers are much relaxed and deal with less amount of stress as compared to those who don’t.

Boosting creativity

Marijuana has a long history which apparently proves that most of the stoners are much creative by nature. Whether he is a singer, writer, poet or a story teller, things come better after rolling a joint. Smoking weed can help to increase the memory of a person which further boosts creativity.

Treats Glaucoma

Above all, treating Glaucoma is one among the best benefit of smoking weed. For those who aren’t aware of this, let me tell you that Glaucoma is basically an eye disorder which increases pressure to the eye balls leading to a loss in a person’s eye sight. Scientists have believed that pot smokers don’t deal with this disorder as marijuana helps in treating it.

Prevents Alzheimers disease

Can your pot habit help in dealing with Alzheimer’s disease? Although marijuana is a controversial topic everywhere, explorers have proved the fact that smoking cannabis can help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease in a person. It is said that smoking weed can help to decrease the production of Beta amyloid protein, which is a key contributor to Alzheimer’s disease.

Stops cancer from spreading

It is important to note that smoking weed cannot treat cancer completely. But the original fact says that a chemical called ‘cannabidiol’ in weed can prevent cancer from spreading. Ganja has been used as herbal medicine since ages which can assist in preventing cancer from spreading. Apart from this, when inhaled, weed can prove beneficial in treating neuropathic pain (pain caused generally due to damaged nerves.)

Weight loss goals

Most of the stories have confirmed the relationship between smoking weed and weight loss. The weight loss stigma surrounding the weed dates back to 80’s where people who smoked weed were skinnier than those who don’t. The THC chemical found in cannabis can help to reduce weight and also fat gaining capacity in the body decreases. Also, the micro organisms in cannabis can help to break down the food thus resulting in healthy metabolism.

Cannabis is generally smoked by people belonging to all age groups. However, people belonging to these risk groups should avoid smoking the grass.

–    Pregnant woman

–    A person who is dealing with any forms of chronic depression

–    Those suffering from bipolar disorder

So, whether it’s about smoking weed in hand-rolled cigarettes, in a pipe or a bong, life gets much better with this! At the end of the day, if you are a slave to marijuana, you should consume it in limitation.

Please Note: Although science has confirmed about the benefits of marijuana or weed, there are some potential side effects which can happen to a person if over done. The effect of weed on the body depends upon its quality, quality, how it is rolled and the size of hits you are taking.

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