Here Are The Adorable Pictures Of TV Stars With Their Kids


7… Roshni Chopra and Siddharth with son Jaiveer

TV Star Roshni and hubby Siddharth  have a adorable son Jaiveer. Roshni, who features as host in TV shows lately, has maintained her hourglass figure and charm. She can be easily misunderstood as spinster.


8…  Shweta and Abhinav Kohli’s daughter 

After her divorce with Raja Chaudhary, Shweta raised Palak single-handedly. Her daughter was seen first time on camera during the Bigg boss show. Shweta said once that she couldn’t give proper attention to Palak during her growing up years but now she along with her hubby Abhinav Kohli, who is doting father to Palak, pamper her lot.


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