Here Are The Adorable Pictures Of TV Stars With Their Kids


Shutterbugs are always active especially when they see stars with their kids, they will definitely click pictures no matter what, for it is a rare occasion.

As we browsed through the net we saw many pics of Bollywood celebs with their kids but thought why not have a look at TV stars and their kids.

So today we have compiled a list of TV actors and their aww-worthy pics with their children.

Scroll through the gallery to have a look:

1… Urvashi Dholakia with sons Kshitij and Sagar

Can you believe it? She looks like their elder sister! Urvashi had to embrace motherhood at a very young age but she is a proud single mother to twin sons who are now adults.  Urvashi is a strong woman as it is not easy to survive all alone with children in the big metro city. Kudos to her.


2… Barkha Bisht and Indraneil Sengupta with their daughter Meera

Meera, who absolutely looks like an angel, is lucky child to have parents like them.


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