Salman Khan Is Banned By The Media But Does He Care?

This is about the latest controversy Salman Khan is found in where he is blocked by the photographers till he apologizes to them. However, in a tweet Salman laughed it off!

Salman Khan and controversy are like best friends, always together!

With Salman’s career graph steadily rising over the years and almost every movie of his making one record after the other, it seems everything became too sweet in his life. That’s why he grabbed the moment when he could make it a bit spicy!

This opportunity came at one of the promotional events of his forthcoming film, Kick where allegedly Salman’s bodyguards misbehaved with the journalists present there. Now, instead of dousing the fire, he added fuel to it by saying, ‘Those who want to cover the event are welcome to stay, the rest can leave if they wish’.

This is what led to the media present there to go ahead and ban him till the release of his movie.

Obviously what happened was not correct but then there are always ways to diffuse the tension. But the photographers want him to apologize or else they will not click his photographs!

We wonder, in this age of smartphones and hyper internet activity, how can someone as big a star as Salman Khan be kept away from his fans just by a few photographers? Of course, they must be representing the major publishing houses and must be responsible for circulating majority of Bollywood stars’ pictures; still there are multiple avenues available online and otherwise if someone wants to promote himself or his films.

We guess, Salman shares this thought. That’s why after knowing the paparazzi’s stand, he laughed it off on Twitter today.

In true Salman style, he tweeted, ‘this is wat i call a stand, the photographers r gonna loose out on wrk, but hav still taken a decision not to take my pics, happy fr them’. He further tweeted, ‘I wld hv immense respect for them if they keep this stand.

Cheeky, isn’t it?

This goes on to say how much aware is Salman Khan about his position and power in the film industry. He knows that just his presence at a place can run many homes. However, it is also true that as much as these photographers require Salman, even he needs them to a large extent for reaching out to his fans in far flung villages and small non-descript towns, where people only have access to tabloids to stay in touch with him.

Whether paparazzi stick to their stand or not, this controversy will surely help Salman in the publicity for his film.

We just hope this messy affair gets sorted soon and we are able to see Sallu bhai in new avatars and new look, in his trademark style!

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