Pooja Chopra: I hate the fact that I am getting abnormally skinny!

The babe doles out some precious pearls of fitness wisdom

The Commando chick is all set with her next film titled Roopnagar ke cheete, a youth oriented Vipul Shah flick. Once she wraps this up, she will start shooting for Commando 2. Amidst the busy schedule and running around, when does she get the time to stay in shape? The babe doles out some precious pearls of fitness wisdom. Health freaks, and people who like to look good, do bother to read!

You seem to be the kind of girl who loves to eat, how do you stay away from all that junk and continue sticking to boring health food?  

Trust me; it’s all a mental game. I met a friend for lunch recently who owns a momo place. He asked me to try the pan fried momos which happen to be their specialty but I stuck to the steamed ones. It’s all in the head at the end of the day. Yes, I make sure I give myself a prize after working out really hard by binging once in a while. On weekends I usually indulge in pav-bhaji and mithai. Over the years my urge of binging has died down.  Gradually your taste buds get accustomed to what you have to eat than what you want to eat. Who doesn’t feel great when people compliment your fit and toned bod, it’s a feel-good factor.

What’s your fitness regime like?

You can never follow a schedule while you are shooting or travelling. Initially I used to work out 6 days a week but now I have reduced it to 5 ‘coz I hate the fact that I am getting abnormally skinny. I also play badminton and squash with my friends whenever I get the time.

Any celeb whose body inspires you to sweat it out in the gym?

I admire every star; in fact more than stars I admire common people who like to keep fit despite not being in the glamour profession. Even well-preserved old people inspire me. My naani is 60 and she’s still so amazingly maintained. A lady of her age walks every day, for almost an hour. A lot of old women come to my gym and work out with a lot of passion, that’s absolutely impressive!

What would be your favourite health food?

I love broccoli and oats. I also eat a lot of egg whites. My grandmum wonders how I manage to not get bored with the usual egg white diet. I also ask my cook to mix up various ingredients and keep reinventing, for instance play around with different kind of parathas or add tofu instead of paneer et al.

So you like working out indoors or outdoors?

I get bored running on the treadmill and I hate running out in Mumbai as the air is very polluted. You barely warm up and you start perspiring like hell. When I go overseas, I take maximum advantage of the weather, clean roads and amazing infrastructure and go for a jog. 

One fitness myth you would like to bust?

The one thing I have noticed is that a lot of people wear these double pullovers while working out in order to lose weight. They think that sweating like crazy is going to make them shed kilos. But that’s not true, you are not losing fat, you end up losing a lot of water. The only way of getting fat out of your body is by burning fat.

What’s your ‘managing the skin’ routine like?

Fortunately I am blessed with good skin but I still have to take a few precautions. I can’t go off to sleep without removing make-up. And if you notice, once you start working out, your skin will automatically start glowing. I use a good face wash and moisturizer and never try anything that’s alien to my skin. I use Cetaphel; it suits me the best.

One tip to women who aspire to have a celeb-like bod

It’s very simple. Eat in moderation and work out. A lot of people cheat. If you want to look good you got to make compromises.

One fitness activity that totally refreshes you

I Love spinning, your legs get toned and it gives you a great adrenaline rush. The music, the energy – you just feel like pushing yourself harder. I usually keep this for Saturday so that the next day I get complete rest.

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