Are Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli that desperate?

We hear Tanishaa has been caught naked on camera in a rather awkward position with Kohli.

Maybe or maybe not something’s brewing between Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli, but the rumours that are brewing around them are definitely super spicy. Analysing Tanishaa’s behavioural graph in the house has been rather interesting. Till yesterday she was this meek li’l sheep, hovering around Armaan, batting those eye lids as he would yell at the highest possible decibel level. Then after Salman Khan made her realise that she’s not being a good example for the many women out there by being all submissive, Ms Mukerji started voicing her troubles, and err…her voice was as firm and effective as a dead worm’s.  

Now we hear she has been caught naked on camera, in a rather awkward position with Kohli. This is apparently one of the reasons why Kushal’s entry was postponed in the house. The Colors spokesperson has refuted the rumour and said that the news is in bad taste. Well, if such rumours continue hitting the walls of the media world, it won’t take much time for this general entertainment show to transform into an erotica serial.

But whatever the case is, there should be certain things (rumours or facts) that should be rather left unsaid, even if they make your TRPs shoot through the goddamn roof. Tanisha making out with Kohli in the dark corners of the house or Kushal and Gauhar canoodling in the washroom…true or untrue, who cares, really! It would be great if they restrict all the masaledar khabar to ‘Sofia Hayat’s bikini clips’. Who wants to watch a downmarket porn show on TV anyway, what say people?

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