Ayodhya Temple Crowns Struggle Of Five Centuries Of Hindus

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Similar to Ayodhya temple the place for Ram to be built near the river Sirayu, with the lighting up of 1.25 lakhs of earthen lamps. The lighting of the whole Ayodhya zone to be carried out during the ceremony of Bhoomi Pujan.

Temple Foundation laid on 5th August

After winning the judgment on the existence of the Ram mandir in Ayodhya it was on the 5th of August 2019 that the foundation was laid after the Bhoomi puja. A long-awaited destiny after the struggle of more than 500 years that the struggles to provide back the place to the incarnation to Lord Vishnu has been a victory. In order to start with the temple construction, the Prime Minister has visited the Ram’s birthplace. Also, Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister India, to visit the Ayodhya temple.

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Abhiram Das, the priest, and movement of Sadhus

When the Hindu religion celebrates the returning of the Rama’s Birth Place, it becomes important to know about the priest who took the movement after recognizing the differentials. Abhiram Das, the strong-minded priest with his disciples residing in Bihar started with the movement of sadhus. They had already claimed that the Babri Majid was not a mosque from the base as a temple was broken a renovated to a mosque. The small movement to establish the Hindu religion turned into a huge movement after independence.

Hindu scriptures depict Ram in Ayodhya

As per you read the Hindu scriptures of Ayodhya and the Rama, the depictions describe the connection between the birth, his exile with Sita, and returning back to his home. It was a great cause that Hindus saints or priests had started revolting against the establishment of the mosque. Finally, it had pulled the matter to the administration, an appeal seeking judgment of Ayodhya temples.

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1992, demolition of the Babri Masjid

Finally, after independence, it was turning into a great communal battle between the preexisting temples and the present establishment of the Babri Masjid. Finally, in 1992, it was the Vishwa Hindu Parisha who had finally demolished the Mosque. The movement by the VHP, begin in 1984 by arranging rath yatras all over the countries. The mosque was ultimately opened for the Hindu ceremony during the ruling period of Rajiv Gandhi.

Though the mosque was built on the temple foundation, by the Muslim ruler Babar, it had its historical facts of 400 years. It was demolished after the Hindu was allowed to enter the mosque.

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Final judgment on the evidence

After several years of struggles on the Ayodhya community, it was after a long fight between the Hindus and Muslims in 2019 the judgment was for the Hindus. The main evidence was based on the archeological excavation evidence that indicated the foundations are of a temple and not of a mosque with about 1360 discoveries. The inscriptions on the walls described the Muslim rulers but later 1838, British surveyor Montgomery Martin confirmed that the pillars of the mosques are from the Hindu temples

The battle riot between the Hindu and Muslim during the demolition had killed about more than 2000 people. The five centuries of the struggle to establish the existence of Ayodhya temple has been crowned with the establishment of the temple in Uttar Pradesh.

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