White Rice Or Brown Rice Which Is Healthy !

White Rice Brown Rice

White Rice Brown Rice – You all might have come across people that keep debating on which rice to be taken. White rice, or the brown rice.

People keep asking and finding out facts about White Rice Brown Rice which one is a healthiest option.

For those of you who wonder about the different properties and benefits of both brown and white rice, we have got you information-which may make it easier for you to choose. Here you go

White Rice Brown Rice –

  1. Nutritional values:

Brown rice- One bowl of cooked brown rice contains about 206 to 216 calories. It contains iron and other essential vitamins like B1 and B3.

White rice-One bowl of cooked white rice contains 206 calories and is free of phytic acid.

  1. Weight management:

Brown rice- Rich in fibres, proteins and vitamins, this is the best option for the ones who are totally health conscious and willing to shed weight.

White rice-This rice has limited nutrient content, as it is polished to make it look white and is low in fibre content but high on carbohydrates.

  1. Fat issue:

Brown rice- Interestingly, this rice contains more fat when compared to that of the white rice i.e., about 3 grams of fat in comparison with one gram of fat in the white rice.

White rice- Though this rice is polished, it has very less amount of fat.

  1. Digestibility:

Brown rice- This kind of rice is a bit difficult in digestion as it is known to be high in fibre.

White rice-This rice on the other hand is conveniently digested without any trouble, and this could be just because it has low amount of fibres and proteins.

  1. For people with diabetes:

Brown rice- The best option for the ones with diabetes, as it is low on GI i.e., Glycemic index. And the consumption of this rice had considerable decrease in the blood glucose level.

White rice-Contains carbs and very high on GI, that is very harmful for diabetes.

These are some facts about White Rice Brown Rice. We hope it could help you the best in choosing among them considering all the pros and cons.

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