Sundays Make Mondays Suck! You’ll Surely Empathise

Monday is the most hated day of the week by employees. There are many reasons to justify the same and following are a few of them.

“Damn! It’s Monday again!” go most people after their weekend comes to an end.

I have known people who say that there’s nothing much to look forward to on Monday. To think about it, it’s actually true.

Most people hate their jobs, in addition to their commute being taxing. Where is the fun?

They rightfully say that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, workwise.

Monday is just another day, where working stiffs spend eight hours (or nine), hoping for the day to come to end.

Let’s take a look at other reasons as to why Monday is the most hated day of the week.

Sunday is the party day, the day when people come out of their houses and meet with their friends. Getting drunk is a tradition for many of this lot. They show up at work the next day with a headache or sore throat or both.


Monday is also the starting day of the week. Entrepreneurs see it as the day when more work comes in than any other day. No one likes working excess on the very first day of the week.


Everyone at office expects you to be at your active best on Mondays. However, in India, traffic is something you cannot compete with. Imagine showing up late to work on Monday and be greeted with quips about you not being punctual.


When every person at your workplace feels lethargic on Monday, chances of anything interesting getting done lessens. Most of your co-workers don’t even care whether or not you show up.


You may have some workaholics, who look forward to Mondays, but you are not one of them. When they get appreciation before you, your indifference towards them becomes obvious.


It is also possible that your office is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Starting work after a two days’ break can be unsettling because you are still to adjust to the working conditions.


It might also be possible that you forcefully hate Mondays because everyone else does. Ah…the human nature of feeling accepted in the society makes them do outrageous things.


It is of high importance that you obliterate negative thoughts about Monday in order to become productive on the first day of the week.

After all, Monday rhymes with ‘one day’. A day ends in 24 hours and you can move on; so, be positive.

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