Movies That Take You Places’¦ Literally!

Indian movies that inspire to travel – In the same way, there are number of movies that really inspire you to travel, travel the world and the feeling that you go through when you travel.

Cinema in India beholds the reflection of the society and audience to a very extent is influenced with the movies that are made.

Apart from the huge amount of entertainment it does give a certain message to the society. They various trends, majorly the fashion trends that influence people a lot. It makes them also replicate the look of so and so person in some particular movie.

In the same way, there are number of movies that really inspire you to travel, travel the world and the feeling that you go through when you travel.

So we have come up with some of the Bollywood movies that has inspired a lot of people especially the youth to pack their bags and rover to the world.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This tops the list without any doubts and everyone would agree to it. After the release, this movie became every one’s favourite and how can we miss the poetries that went just well with each of the situation. This movie was all about the bond that the friends cherished and how they plan a bachelor’s trip by experiencing the never tried adventure sports and help them overcome their fears and find their love of course! Along with it, this movie did give us an awesome insight into the country Spain and its culture.



Finding Fanny

This latest movie had some amazing locations right from the small Goan village Pokoli to the lovely roads on the Konkan coast. With the great performances by all the actors this movie also revolves around travelling. It tells how all the characters are on a road trip in search of Fanny and travel together in a vintage car.




This movie was also an eye-opener for the society. The director very subtly connected the social issue with the experiences of travelling. Almost every girl could connect with the molestation that Alia Bhatt goes through when she is a child and how she feels free during the travel all over right from Delhi to the Himachal area even though she is kidnapped.




This recent movie became an inspiration to all the girls who face rejections in marriage at the last moment. In the movie, it shows how the girl takes up the rejection bravely and decides to go on the honeymoon alone and all by herself. She goes through all types of good and bad experiences and makes some great friends on her visit to Prague and Amsterdam which teaches her some important lessons in life.




Barfi movie is all about the unconditional love. It very beautifully justifies the fact that love has no boundaries and anyone has a right to fall in love whether you are physically fir or not. This movie makes you to travel around some scenic landscapes of Darjeeling, Ooty and the traditional side of Kolkata.



Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The wanderlust and passion for travel, that the character Bunny had in this movie is commendable. It connected so well with the audience that every person was eager to backpack around the world as a wanderer. This movie had some of the beautiful locations of Manali, Udaipur and overseas.


These are some of the movies from the long list that acts as an inspiration for travel and learn numerous things with its experiences. So just explore and see yourself evolve during this exploration and of course enjoy these movies!

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