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The word “essay” makes every other student depressed. It’s because essay writing takes much time, which all students lack. However, nobody can avoid writing essays at school and college. Want to find how to organize the process of writing so that it becomes much more effective? Follow expert tips and tricks to become a better essay writer and submit papers worth a positive grade.

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Examine High-Quality Essay Examples

It’s better to see once than to hear a thousand times. This principle works in everything you do. Of course, it’s useful to read guides and tutorials at educational sites but you should also check essay samples. There are many essay types, each of which has its own features and peculiarities. Find a reputable site with high-quality essays from different categories. When reading pay attention to the essay structure and formatting.

Write your own essay only after you’ve examined several samples. Having an example, you’ll be able to save much time because you already know how to format the paper. It’s also helpful to read both good and bad essays to compare them and understand how a good essay should sound.

Learn to Brainstorm Original Ideas and Build Links  

What is a great essay? It’s a piece of writing that reveals the topic to the full extent and does this in a creative way. In order to avoid banal phrases, you need to enrich your vocabulary. You can do this by reading different genres of literature and trying to memorize interesting phrases that you’ll be able to use when writing papers. A good paper is the one that tells about something in a logical way. So, you need to learn how to express your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. 

Before writing an essay, create a draft. Work with a mind map to build the links between problems and solutions. There are many types of mind map software you can use today. Don’t have a possibility to use any technology at the moment? If some brilliant idea has crossed your mind, take a piece of paper and write it down, make a scheme, draw a table, etc. Make your thoughts visual.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Nobody can write a great essay for the first time. Of course, there can be exceptions, but most people need practicing to write a masterpiece. Learning the basics of effective writing is not enough to become a good essay writer. You need to devote free time to writing at least several sentences. One of the best ways to start writing interesting papers is to practice daily. Start writing a blog or a personal diary. 

It’s how you will learn to express your thoughts, attitude to different issues, and brainstorm solutions. Whether you’re on your way home or staying in a queue, take your smartphone and make some notes about the impressions and emotions you’ve got during the day. Write on different topics to practice persuasive, argumentative, narrative, and other skills necessary for essay writing.

Follow the tips above and you’ll become a better essay writer with time. If you need an instant result, turn to professionals with the words “Write my essay” or “Help me to proofread my research paper” and they’ll help to compose and edit your paper before the deadline.

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