5 Things A Foodie Do When They’re Broke AF!


Foodie – Nobody can understand the love for food, better than a foodie themselves. They will show the people those Khaugalli’s which you might not know even existed! They have mastered the art of food-o-graphy.

But with each bite, comes the bucks spend it! So here are things that a foodie does when they are broke as hell:

1 – Cause mom is the savior:

No seriously, imagine at the age of 25, asking your father some extra bucks for your lively survival. With every extra penny he gives, comes the sad saga of his struggle for money. Sadly, it doesn’t end before half an hour. Instead asking for money from your mother is the safest option, as you are never going to return the money in the first place.

2 – Friends to the rescue:

‘Bhai aajkabhar de, kalkameinbhardunga’ should be declared as the adult luring for zeroing a friend’s bank balance. Be at a night-out paying for that extra beer or  having an extra French fries, a friend that pays for our food no matter what, even after knowing that their money isn’t coming back either. And we love you for being that!

3 – Struggle from dum biryani to dumaloo is real:

This is the story of probably everyone’s, every month’s life! From the time the salary is credited to the end of the month, the menu budget go in the descending order I.e. from the costliest to the cheapest. At the initial it’s all about chicken biryani, McDonald’s, dominoes whereas at the end we find our heaven in misalpav, vadapav and andapav.


4 – Stall vendors are BAE:

Just imagine a day of working out in office without that brainstorming ‘cutting chai’. Our life would have been miserable if the local chaatwalas, dosawalas or stall uncle’s stopped giving us the food in debt. They are our go to people when the phase of bankruptcy has hit us hard. They are the true symbolism for “sasta is acha”!


5 – Asking money for extracurricular activities which never existed:

You have gotta party to give, but you are broke as hell. Asking money in the name of academical fulfillments is something, most of the teenagers did. As this is the easiest way to get some hands on money, as it’s every parents weakness. Somewhere, we have all been guilty conscious and unapologetic at the same time. As we have invested the money right!


We have all been sailing in the same boats for years. Money, or no money, food is always on our mind. A foodie can’t really do without food even at the difficult hardships Luckily, we all survived! Not that we are saying this things healthy to do, but we all did some of the other cheap thrills in our life to somehow manage our existence.

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