I Hate Being An Indian, Do You Know Why?

hate being indian

I love India, but I hate being an Indian!

I have my reasons!

Well, this morning I was sitting on my couch surfing social media and going through various causes people are promoting right from women’s rights to animal’s rights to what not. That’s when my maid came to hand over the tea and discussed her everyday problems with me while dusting. It made me think if we, as a society, are actually evolved as we claim to be or is it just a race on social media to portray ourselves as a responsible saint kind of people for our 15seconds of fame?

The harsh reality, my dear friends, is that we are nowhere near to be called a genuinely responsible and caring society. We, as a civilisation, have become experts in tom-tomming our good points and shouting from the rooftops about our achievements. However, we are least bothered about the rotten side! In fact, we are the contributors to that rotten side as we proudly call ourselves INDIAN and that’s how we are!

I am seriously not up to it! I just hate it!

Let me share with you the reasons for my callous statement and then you can decide for yourself!

1) We Actually Don’t Care!

It’s not about caring for others’ opinion about our lives, but caring for real causes, real people. We talk about giving love to children, but don’t think twice before ordering a cup of tea from an 11 year old kid working in a neighbouring tea stall, that too in the most indecent language!

tea vendor boy

2) Two-faced People!

Yes, we all are two-faced people. We love our double standards, and to the core! We love dusky Bipasha Basu on screen, but only want a fair bride for ourselves or in our families! Hypocrisy, right?

two faced people

3) Beating Our Own Trumpet!

Aren’t we all self-centred to the extent that we try extra hard to show off our Gucci sunglasses and designer watches even at a funeral? Isn’t it always about brownie points or those few seconds of fame?


4) We Hardly Use Brains!

Now don’t make that face of getting pissed off! Yes, we follow others without using our own head. A neighbor buys a particular cell phone; we all will follow them in a herd. Someone goes to a particular restaurant, within a week, we will try to go to the same place and even upload pictures on our Facebook, Twitter profiles!

we dont use our brain

5) Hardly Care About Animals!

We don’t love fellow human beings enough, where is the question of loving animals? That is the reason for stray animals living in such pitiable conditions and then we consider Cow as a mother and search for dogs to feed after performing puja at home!

stray animals


6) I, Me, Myself!

Yes, you will agree here that all we are concerned about is our opinions and viewpoints about anything and everything! Others’ opinion or views, be it religion, beliefs or faith, who the hell cares????

me myself


7) Blind Copycats!

A song becomes a hit in Korea, we will blindly copy it! A movie becomes a hit in Hollywood; there will be a race to copy it here. A new fashion trend emerges in France, we will copy it without even thinking if it goes well with our body types or not. You all remember the low-waist jeans fashion disaster just a couple of years back, don’t you?

blind copy cats

8) Whole World Is A Dustbin!

Now that is one attitude which is responsible for PM Modi’s Swachh Abhiyaan going for a toss! My house should remain spic and span, but it’s my birthright to throw all possible garbage outside as I have nothing to do with it. It’s government’s job to clean it, right? So called INDIAN I am!

garbage piles

9) Money Decides If You Are Human Or Not!

How much one earns makes him/her important in our life. Think about it, how much importance do we give to an office peons or a bus conductor compared to a rich businessman or a senior government official? Got the answer, huh?

money and human

10) Always Seeking Answers Outside!

We blindly follow all those dhongi babas and gurus who sexually and financially exploit the followers as we want ready-made answers and solutions to all our problems, served on a platter! Wish we had the patience to look inside and find that all answers lie within us! Wish we believed in efforts and hardwork, as much we do in those dharm gurus and gyaani babas!

Dhongi baba

Am sure you’ll agree with me that not all is hunky dory with our society and there is no time to sit and wonder about our ancestors’ achievements all those thousands of years back.

It’s time to change ourselves for good for a better today and tomorrow!

It’s time when I proudly want to say “I love Being An Indian”

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