5 Ways You Can Twin With Your BFF To Look Chic And Cool!

Twin with your BFF

Twin with your BFF – For girls their besties matter a lot and are of high priority than the rest of the world. We can’t even think of shopping or hanging around, movies, college without besties. We want them around with us and yes we also love styling alike to show the world we are besties and we are simply inseparable no matter what.

As best friends we women end up buying clone dresses, copying style, shoes, makeup but wait that is so much fun. Gone are the days when wearing same costumes was considered “ Band wale” now a day’s its chic and cool to twin with best friends and BAE too.

But wait twinning doesn’t mean wearing ditto dresses twinning can be done in so many fun ways here you go few ways to Twin with your BFF – twin like a boss and show your fashion sense.

Twin with your BFF –

1 – Same colors:

Yes it’s a cool way of twinning go for same colored tees and shorts but with different style, print, length to give it a chic and hatke look.

Twin with your BFF

2 – Reciprocated combination of colors:

When same costumes are a bit boring then twist the twinning game try similar styles but with altered combination of colors like for example if you are wearing black tee and red skirt ask your BFF to wear red tee and black skirt.

Twin with your BFF

3 – Unite in style:

Most of us do this often it’s a fun way to twin with your bestie. Wear Maxi dresses together or kurtis of same length together or shorts together in different colors but same length.

Twin with your BFF

4 – Feet it together:

Twinning attires get boring at times so why not twin shoes in a style and wear similar style shoes like sandals, wedges or sport shoes with same color but different style. Or how about tie-ups or ankle length boots, this way you can stun others and your fashion game in no time.

5 – Keep the prints same:

While on some days you want to wear a shorts but your bestie might want to wear jeans if you want to twin wear similar fabric color and print. This is cool and you will grab attention guys.

Twin with your BFF

These are the way to twin with your BFF – Apart from these you can twin and don same hair styles like same type of loose messy bun’s, same type of jewellery, similar accessories so when people look at you they know you are besties. Yes you need to twin to make others envy right? So, happy twinning folks!

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